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In The Logical World News category, TLW provides a discussion on the latest news from the world. It is more inclined towards providing different points of view rather than providing daily incoming news.

TLW news realizes that the world is full of reporters of news and those who want to emphasize their opinions instead of listening to everybody. We at TLW will focus on respecting everyone’s thoughts, believes, and sentiments. We love to discuss anything without disrespecting anyone on the basis of religion, color, and creed.

Squid Game Costumes

Best Squid Game Costumes on Halloween in UK

Halloween is coming up quickly, and it’s time to start thinking about your costume. If…

Make Google my homepage in windows 11 and 10

Make Google my homepage in windows 11 and 10

Google becomes one of the necessities of today’s life. Everyone in society uses this technological…

Istanbul Tehran Islamabad Cargo Train

How Pak-Iran-Turkey ITI Istanbul Tehran Islamabad Cargo Train Starting this Year Will Benefit Pakistan

Istanbul Tehran Islamabad Cargo Train is expected to start its operations in the coming weeks.…

Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s Net Worth Surpasses Bill Gates to Become World’s Second Richest Person

Tesla’s co-founder Elon Musk recently surpassed Microsoft’s, Bill Gates in the net worth run. Musk…

Spotify Pakistan

Spotify Pakistan: Is Spotify (The Largest Music App) Coming to Pakistan?

It seems that Spotify is coming to Pakistan. Spotify Pakistan has not officially announced its…

The Olive Oil Producing

From Terrorists Hub to The Olive Oil Producing Hub, A Story of Bajaur, Tribal District of KPK, Pakistan

A revolution incoming, that can change the destiny of the local people of Bajaur, once…

Second Wave of Coronavirus

Second Wave of Coronavirus is on Top of Our Heads: What Should We Have to do Now?

Coronavirus was never gone anywhere. It exists everywhere. The countries following the SOPs or lockdowns…

Can I change My vote

From Where Does the Phrase Come? ‘Can I change my Vote’- All You Want to Know

From Tuesday morning onwards google shows the search trend of ‘Can I Change My Vote’.…

Why Boycott French Products Campaign Started

Why Boycott French Products Campaign Started? All You Want to Know

Previously this month president of France Emmanuel Macron described Islam as the religion ‘in crisis’.…