How to Unban TikTok in Pakistan? TikTok Banned

A very popular app TikTok has been banned by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority today on 9th October 2020. This news comes as a shock for content creators, users, and other people associated with this entertainment application. PTA took this step due to immoral and indecent content on TikTok. People are wondering how to unban TikTok in Pakistan to keep on getting the entertainment from the TikTokers they like to watch.

How to Unban TikTok in Pakistan?

The good news is that you can still use TikTok by following simple steps:

  1. If your TikTok is not showing anything or “No Network Connection”, it means it is banned
  2. You can still use it with the help of a VPN. So download the app from the given link:

  1. Sometimes your phone may show security concern, but allow the phone as there is no issue involved
  2. After installation open the App you just downloaded
  3. The app will show different servers from various countries. Connect with anyone. For example, connect with the server of Dallas, USA
  4. Once it is connected close the app
  5. Open TikTok again. It will take a little time to load.
  6. Enjoy the TikTok again 

We believe banning is not an option instead we need to educate our youth. People use to make content that is liked by many. So it is better not to stop those who are making some real content. A TikToker Zunair Kamboh making tourism-related videos. Similarly, many food videos, acting, dancing, etc are real talents. One TikTok star Jannat Mirza just achieve 10 million followers which is not an easy task. 

The government should think about it and should keep some consistency in their policies. Otherwise, people will become reluctant to do hard work for making the portfolios that can help them earn a handsome amount of money.

Unban TikTok.