Five Ways to Conserve Energy to Help Planet Earth

We human beings are very much dependant on energy. Our whole system from government to defense, from education to sports, from agriculture to transport, etc is technology-driven. And we all know energy is required in all these processes. Moreover, with the growth in the population of the world, the energy-related necessities are also increased. On the other hand, the planet has limited resources and we need to fulfill all our needs from them. That’s why it is very important to conserve energy to save it for our future generations.

With the help of renewable energy resources and other modern energy generation techniques, scientists can provide clean energy. But still, many places in the world do not have access to these necessities. So the need to save energy and to use clean energy for the betterment of our planet is the need of the hour.

Ways to Conserve Energy:

Here we will discuss some ways to conserve energy:

  1. Prefer Electric Cars for the Transport:

Electric cars have shown immense development and are now available everywhere. Electric cars do not burn fuel and exhaust air hence protecting the atmosphere from air pollution. They are more energy-efficient and save a lot of energy.

Companies like Tesla, BMW, AUDI, Mercedez, Chevrolet, Nissan, etc, have given many successful models of electric cars. 

Tesla Electric Car – Save Energy

The governments should make the policies to lower the price by providing tax relief, subsidy, and encourage buyers. In this way, the change will come.

  1. Use of Smart Lighting and Electrical Systems:

 With the use of IoT, smart lighting systems should be introduced in common people. These systems work in such a way that they automatically shut off the electrical appliances like lights, ACs, etc when there is nobody in the room. The street lights will turn off and on with the detection of the moment around it. So it will help to conserve energy. 

  1. Installation of Smart Thermostats in Geysers:

The use of hot water in our daily use, waste a lot of energy. Especially during winters to keep the water warm there is an increase in energy consumption. 

We should install smart and efficient systems that allow heating just when required. In this way, we will be able to save a lot during the cold.

  1. Improvement of Transmission System and Energy Efficient Appliances:

The appliances working on old technology and spoiled transmission system consume and waste a lot of energy. To curb this we need to upgrade transmission systems to the new and better structures.

Similarly, try to use more energy-efficient devices. For example, old fluorescent bulbs use 60-100 watts for one room. Then comes tube light with 40 watts and afterward energy savors with 23 watts. Moreover, nowadays LED bulbs with 5-12 watts and SMDs with only 3 watts.

So do the calculation for one thousand words and you will get a surprise after knowing the annual savings. 

  1. Isolate Your Homes from the Effect of Weather:

We should work on our homes to make them isolated from weather conditions. Installation of energy efficient windows, sealing of air leaks, weather proofing of roofs, etc are some of the important steps to take. In this way, the need for heaters and airconditioning in winters and summers respectively will not be required that much. This results to conserve energy.

In the end, we should take the lead to spread awareness in the next generation from the very start to save energy.

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