Russia Takes Lead by Developing Coronavirus Vaccine: Putin

On Tuesday 11th August 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has developed a coronavirus vaccine. Since the inception of coronavirus, scientists around the globe are working hard for the vaccine. The top countries in the race are the UK, USA, Russia, China, and Germany.
However, Russia becomes the first country to announce and approve of the vaccine. But scientists from other countries and even world health organizations are not believing in this. They believe that we should not hurry in this matter. They also said that vaccine needs rigorous testing before coming to market. Scientists added that going too quickly for the corona vaccine can be too dangerous. 
Russia said that doing drama on the development of the vaccine is just an effort to undermine Moscow’s medical research capabilities. Moreover, Putin added that after permission the vaccine has also been injected to his daughter. In addition to that, the final clinical trial of 2000 patients will start from Wednesday. 
According to Putin, the vaccine works quite effectively and it forms great immunity. It passes all the required clinical checks. His daughter also took part in the testing phase and get the dose of vaccine after the family volunteered to take part. She felt a mere temperature after the second dose and that’s all. 
Russia is winning the race with the help of the Gamaleya Institute Moscow and with the cooperation of the Russian Defence Ministry. The next trial may last for months with the involvement of hundreds and thousands of people.
On the other hand, western scientists are getting hyper and warning everybody to stop rushing to the final vaccine. They call it the act of putting the lives of people in danger. 
Chinese scientists are also working hard to develop the vaccine as early as possible. China is also very close to vaccine development but not announced anything officially yet. 
Let’s hope the vaccine can be available soon for corona patients.
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