From Terrorism to Tourism: Story of Pakistan

Pakistan is the country with more than 220 million population. It is the fifth most populous country in the world. Its geographical location is complicated as it is surrounded by Iran (a sanctioned Muslim country), China (Economic Power), Afghanistan (War zone), and India (A Hindu majority state). Some of the neighboring and other countries like Americ, France, and the UK tried to put allegations of terrorism on Pakistan. Let us discuss the story of Pakistan.
Pakistan has been affected by the most substantial wave of terrorism during the past decade. There were bomb blasts, target killings, and fights daily. According to stats, more than 70 thousand people get dead during the era of terrorism. The businesses faced losses, and many shifted to other countries. No other country named above went through such a disastrous decade of terror and bombings. Is Pakistan doing these things in their own country? Is that make sense to you? Countries like India and America used their influence in Afghanistan and Iran to infuse terrorists to Pakistani territory. 
On the other hand, Pakistani armed forces, intelligence agencies, and police were busy in combating those terrorists. Moreover, the country lost many precious lives of soldiers, infrastructure, and businesses. The Swat Valley is one of the beautiful tourist spots hit the most by the wave of terrorism. But now it becomes the safest and the most approachable destination in the country.

Real Pakistan:

Pakistan is a country with peace, a mixture of beautiful cultures remains of the oldest civilizations, lands and mountains, hospitable people, etc. The fight against terrorism transforms Pakistan from terrorism to tourism. Pakistan was declared the number one tourist destination by Conde Nast traveler website. The coronavirus pandemic effects global tourism badly, but fortunately, Pakistan has almost defeated coronavirus.
Pakistan is the country blessed with all types of topography. On one side, it has a vast sea coastline of Karachi to Gawadar. On the other hand, it is the land of 5 out of 14 8thousanders peaks in the world. The second highest mountain K2 stands at the sides of Skardu in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. Deosai Plains are the second-highest plains in the world. It is the only place in the whole world, having an increasing population of brown polar bears.
There are many ancient cities in the country like Lahore, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, etc. the old silk route that was used for trade between China and Central Asia also passes from the North of Pakistan. The highest paved road The Karakoram highway is also present in that region. The people in the Kailash Valley in the Chitral region are said to be the descendants of Alexender The Great. They wear colorful clothes and follow rituals. One must attend their festivals to get an insight into their culture and religion.
There are thousands of known and unknown natural lakes present in the country. It has one of the highest border openings with China from Khujrab pass. There are many glaciers in the Northern part of the country. Almighty has blessed Pakistan with all types of lands like deserts, glaciers, green meadows, sky-high mountains, agricultural lands, etc.


The diversity of cultures is so rich that you can find a change of culture and language after every 50 Kms. Islam is the most followed religion in Pakistan with Hinduism, and Christianity stands second and third, respectively. 
The people are loving and have open hearts. They respect the guests coming from other countries and offer everything they have. Many foreign tourists share their experience of traveling through Pakistan. You will find one thing in common that they find Pakistanis as the most hospitable people in the world. Pakistanis open their hearts and houses to anyone but the formula is simple: Give respect and take respect. People love to take selfies and conversations with foreigners. They want to listen to their stories. Most Pakistanis offer you tea, green tea, and a cold drink. Its a culture of the country to serve guests with everything they have. They feel blessed by serving you. 
One must visit the local wedding functions. You can watch local dances and music with horse dances and enjoy local wedding cuisines. The dresses of the bride and groom are also amazingly different.

Religious Tourism:

Pakistan is rich in religious tourism for Sikhs, Bushists, and Sufi Muslims. It is the land with the remains of many Buddhist Stupas and their ancient worship places. For Sikhs, both the sites of births and death of Guru Nanak Sb lies in Pakistan. Moreover, many other vital gurdwaras of Sikhism are also in the country. Various Sufi sites and Mazars are present across the country. Annual happenings at these sites are also an attraction for tourists. Many historical Hindu temples are also present in various regions in Pakistan. Hence the Pakistani constitution provides freedom for every person to follow any religion.  

The other main attraction is fresh fruits, food, and tasty cuisines. Pakistan has the best mangoes and one of the largest citrus-producing areas. The diet is enriched with spices and still organic in many places in the country. You can get the Indian taste in Punjab as both sides of Punjab shares the same culture and food. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, you can have a taste of Afghani and Balochi style food. Sindhi food has its taste and flavor. You will surely love Sindhi Biryani, Haleem, and Nehari. Food of Gilgit Baltistan region, to many extents, is still organic. You can also enjoy Yawk and Ibex meat, walnut cakes, and special whole wheat bread. 

Pakistan is Ready to Host:

Moreover, the country’s tourism is booming day by day as it opens up its tourism industry. The availability of E-Visas for many countries and the development of infrastructure adds a lot. The fact is that Pakistan will become the number one tourist spot in the coming years. With such a variety to offer for every type of tourist, Pakistan can attract everyone.
The tour of Pakistan is a lifetime experience for those living in busy societies. Especially, Those who want to socialize and enjoy interacting with people will love coming to Pakistan.
We are looking forward to our visit. I hope we will come up to your expectations.

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