How to Delete Google Account?

Want to delete google account? If you wish to use another email service or immature username is hurting you, its time to move on a new account and service.
Follow these steps to delete your Gmail and Google account:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account

  1. Click on Grid at the top right and select accounts.

  1. Click to Data and personalization at left. 

  1. Click delete service or your account.

Before concluding deleting the account, make sure which services of google you want to use in the future. Once you delete google services or account you will no longer use google various google services and Gmail for personal and business use.
There are still all options whether to remove the only email address or whole google account. If you delete the email address only, you can still use the rest of Google services. The deleted email address will not be available for any other user.
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