Five ways to stay healthy : Tips 

Health is such a gift of Almighty. It is a blessing, and we need to stay healthy by working on our habits and daily diet routine. The key to a healthy life is having a better routine in our everyday life. LIfe these days is so busy and hectic that we forget to give time to our body. So raises physical and medical issues in the body from a very early age. We will discuss different ways to stay healthy:

Keep a Healthy Weight:

You should keep your weight according to body/mass index. The gain in weight cause many problems like diabetes, cholesterol, and physical health issues. Knee and joint pains are also part of physical health issues.
One can reduce weight by doing regular exercise. Use fruits and vegetables and take smaller portions. Eat slowly to give time to the stomach to digest readily. 

Do Exercise Daily:

There is always heat production in motion. So doing exercise or walk keeps our body warm. It helps our fats to burn, hence maintain our body weight. 
Try to choose activities you love, like sports, walk or certain exercises. Don’t put your body in fatigue, stay motivated, and make a habit of doing exercise daily. 
If you are spending your time in the air conditions then exercise is a must for you. Otherwise, your body temperature will never burn and absorb fats.

Excessive Sleep and Stay Healthy:

Sleep well, and sleep at night. Nowadays, it becomes a routine to do work at night and relax in the day time. Many of us, including myself, are running opposite to nature. Also, we do very little sleep. 
Less sleep can affect our immune system negatively. It is because many hormones in our body activate during sleep. Our body needs rest to stand again for work.
We should try to amend our routine of going to bed in time. We can do this by not drinking coffee late in the night, sleep and awake at the same time daily, and try to sleep in a comfortable, calm environment.

Avoid Eating Toxic:

Nowadays, we take almost inorganic, processed, and packed food. These types of foods have preservatives and become toxic after some time. Taking such food can raise health issues in our bodies. 
Moreover, smoking cigarettes and taking alcohol is also bad for health. We need to get rid of them. Take fewer sugars and eat well before going to bed.

Never Take Stress:

Never take stress in your life, instead be happy. Life is what you assume it is. Everyone around us has full of problems. Instagram’s life of celebrities is not real life. 
So stop chasing dreams of other people. Be realistic with your desires and needs.  
Stay healthy, especially during the coronavirus pandemic days.