What are Five Ways to Help the Environment?

The environment around us directly affects the quality of our life. A clean environment can help in improving our mental and physical health. It is our responsibility to work on raising the standard of surroundings. We should be searching for new ways to help the environment. 
Many big cities in the world are now having environmental issues. These cities provide jobs and livings to millions of people. But due to industrialization and deforestation, the air quality is too low. These cities face a high level of smog and people have only one option left to breathe in the dirty polluted air. The hazard is too high that the lives and health of millions of people are at risk. 
There are places in India where people buy shots of pure oxygen. You can watch movies on these issues as they get severe. Movies show that time is coming when we will be short of drinking water. Drinking water will be available like drugs and jewelry. It will be guarded with guns and available only for the richest of the society.
If we focus on these issues and think about that, we can realize that this is coming. But can we stop such things happening? Can we help our environment to survive? The answer is “Yes we can”. It is us who destroy this beautiful world by our actions and it is we who can still save it from ruin. But how? We just have to focus on our activities which are the main causes of environmental problems. Let’s discuss some of them:

1. Stop Using Plastic Bags:

Plastic bags are considered one of the biggest causes of environmental degradation. These bags, when thrown openly, cause water and air pollution. They get stuck in waterways causing urban flooding. Plastic bags have a very long life and never degrades. They also pollute soil and stay in it forever. 
We can easily get rid of these plastic bags by replacing them with biodegradable or reusable cloth bags. Just go back 40 to 50 years, people use cloth bags to carry everything. At times there was no such concept of plastic bags. They take that cloth bag everywhere with them. So we just need to alter our daily routine to save the environment.
Many cities banned the use of plastic bags. But still, there is a lot more to do in this regard. It needs to put continuous worldwide effort for this purpose to save mother nature.

2. Recycle More:

Recycling of plastics, paper, and other materials can lower the burden on the environment. Otherwise, these materials get piled at places causing hindrance in water flow. Such materials also trap heat and become an ingredient in global warming. 
There are a few initiatives in the world that are doing wonders by recycling plastics and trash. For example, Sweden took a lead in the recycling of trash. The country has to import rubbish to keep their recycling plants running. Less than 1% of solid waste in Sweden goes to landfills and more than 99% get recycled. More countries are now putting efforts in this domain. But still, there is a need for spreading awareness in the people.

3. Go Paperless:

Paper mostly comes from trees. So paper production is also one of the main reasons for deforestation. One tree can produce 10-20 thousand sheets. And millions of sheets are used daily. We can avoid this cause of deforestation by going paperless.
In this era of digital devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones it is easy to stop using papers extensively. We can digitize the government, judicial, police, and education system. People resist changing their methods of work. However, by giving proper training and awareness, we can easily achieve our goal.

4. Use less Electricity:

Our whole system runs on electricity. From home appliances to digital appliances, from vehicles to transport systems, from offices to educational institutes, etc.
The main sources of electricity are hydro, coal/gas/ oil, nuclear, and renewable energy. However, most of the electricity we get are from natural resources like coal, gas, and oil. These natural resources are finite. But we are using them to fulfill our daily electrical needs.
So to conserve the natural resources we have to stop wastage of electricity. A huge percentage of wastage of electricity occurs due to the transmission losses. We have to stop that by improving the transmission infrastructure. Also, try to save electricity in daily use.  

5. Conserve Water:

Water is one of the most important natural resource provided by Almighty. But we are wasting it without the realization of its importance. Imagine living for a week without water. Impossible. So we must conserve and save water. Stop water wastage, repair water leakages, collect rainwater, save glaciers, protect water resources, etc.
We should stop mixing industrial waste with our water resources. In this way, we can protect marine life. 
There is a need for global awareness and collective effort on this issue. This is because it is a global problem and pollution in certain places can affect many other areas. 

Pakistan takes lead in the global environmental challenge milestone and completes the challenge 10 years earlier. This is due to the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He took initiatives of a billion and ten billion tree tsunami. The people of Pakistan plant trees across the country. During the first initiative, 350,000 hectares of land were restored by planting trees on it. It results in the rehabilitation of wildlife and an increase in honey production of the country. At the start of the second 10 billion Tree Tsunami, the country planted over 3500,000 trees in a day. 
Let us put a collective effort to help our environment. We should involve our future generations by introducing awareness from the initials stages. The tree plantation and other initiatives should be part of their courses. Moreover, there should be visits for students at recycling sites to help them develop new ideas. In this way, we can flourish more environmentally aware generation. 
We hope that the new generation can create new ways to help the environment. In this way, we can make this world a better place for living.