What Exactly Happened in Portland, USA? Portland Shooting

A man was killed by gunshot in Portland shooting by the supporters of President Trump against the clash with protestors of ‘Black Lives Matter’.
Since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis the people are protesting in opposition to black killings by police. There was happening a nightly protest for this cause. On Saturday night, supporters of President Trump traveling in a caravan attacked them and shot a man who died later. 
Trump 2020

What exactly happened in Portland?

People gathered in support of the president and police on Saturday at a shopping center near Portland. They were raising banners of Trump 2020 and thin blue line flags showing support of police. They are against the people protesting for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ cause.
Both protestors and supporters got into the clash. The supporters shot paintballs on the people protesting for black rights. While the other threw objects on them. The video came out laters, shows eruptions of gunfire and a collapse of a man from the side of the protestors. 
Police again come with excuses that as the caravan was stretched miles, so they cannot fully check everyone. However, according to them, precautionary measures were taken. The said they have limited resources and cannot be everywhere every time. 
The medical rescue team confirmed that the man who was shot is dead. Officials were trying to calm down the situation and are asking not to build there own conclusions until the final report. 
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Who was the Dead Man?

The identity of the dead man is not yet revealed. However, by the insignia, he seems to be related to a group based in Portland. The group has a mission of ending corruption, tyranny, and big government by using God’s Strength and love power. 
The member of the said group did not provide any detail.

Where are these ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests Going?

America has a history of oppressing black people. But it ends many decades ago by efforts of many black leaders. Still, somewhere in the subconscious minds of some Americans, this division exists. Either the person is a policeman or a civilian, there are many recent incidents of attacks on black people in the country. 
A similar case happened in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed by a policeman. When the video got viral, the incident seems to be so saddening that it sparks black and white people across the country. The protests then went across borders in more than 40 countries. 
However, nothing extraordinary done to protect black lives. 
The protests seem to be going nowhere until the government shows its will and protect black people from oppression.