Spotify Pakistan: Is Spotify (The Largest Music App) Coming to Pakistan?

It seems that Spotify is coming to Pakistan. Spotify Pakistan has not officially announced its entry into the country but there are some signals telling about this fact.

Spotify is one of the most popular and the largest music app started 12 years ago. The company expanded its services to many countries over the years but is unavailable in Pakistan till today.

The company recently made an account on Instagram and named it ‘spotifypakistan’. The account is a verified account confirming that it is opened by Spotify itself. The account has more than 14700 followers. 

Spotify Pakistan Instagram Account
Spotify Pakistan

Music lovers of Pakistan always miss the app after it becomes popular all over the world. The app has more than 144 million subscribers which makes it the largest music app across the globe. 

The entrance in the country will give Spotify a pool of audience. It will surely increase subscribers and users. Moreover, people love to buy Spotify premium here too. 

Pakistani culture is rich in music. The most popular music here are ghazals, qawwali, Punjabi music, Pushto music, Siraiki music, etc. Pakistan produces some of the most popular musicians and singers. The style of music here is completely different from western-style yet extremely popular all over the world.

The Spotify addition will surely streamline the music collections of Pakistan. People of the country will soon enjoy the features of this great app.

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