Why Boycott French Products Campaign Started? All You Want to Know

Previously this month president of France Emmanuel Macron described Islam as the religion ‘in crisis’. This statement comes in line with the sequence of publishing blasphemous content regarding the prophet of Muslims, Muhammad PBUH. Furthermore, on Friday the blasphemous content was displayed on all the government buildings. 

All these incidents ignited the Muslim sentiments regarding their beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH. Meanwhile, this month is also the prophet’s birth month according to the Muslim calendar. This added much more to the concerns of Muslims against the act of the French government and the president. 

Muslims started protesting against France and Macron. Many countries react in different ways. Turkey’s President Erdogan took lead and call Macron to do a checkup of his mental health. This is because of the fact that Muslims live in France. How can a president give such a rubbish statement against the religion of its own people? 

Furthermore, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan also shows his concern on this act and Islamophobic content on Facebook. He wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg to remove all the Islamobhopic content from the social media platform. He added that just like the Holocaust, we Muslims think that Facebook should not allow putting content. All the Islamophobic and blasphemous content should come under hate speech but not freedom of speech.

Middle eastern and Arab countries started the #Boycott_French_Products campaign. Many store owners and managers shut down the racks containing french products. People stop purchasing them. Many are writing to spread awareness about commonly used french products. This is to tell Muslims about the boycott French products campaign.

What is Happening Now?

This campaign is now gone around the globe. However, the French government urges the middle eastern countries to stop the boycott. This is the race of the economy. The French economy is still struggling with the coronavirus pandemic. Muslims can put them on their knees in a time span of 6 months or less.

There are more than 2 billion Muslims living on Earth. What if these 2 billion stop using french products. The result is clear that France will have some bad economic situation then.

Let’s see what happens in the coming days and months? What lesson the French people and the government learn from this foolishness? What if the boycott French products campaign gain momentum? All these questions get their answers in the coming weeks.