Whatsapp is Working on its Most Awaited New Features

Whatsapp keeps on adding new features to the app from time to time. This time it comes one step further and is testing on a new feature that enables the user to use the same phone number for multiple devices. 
The news is first revealed by WABeta Info. Users can add up to four devices to one number. 
Currently, WhatsApp only allows one phone number signed to a Whatsapp, placed at a reasonable distance, and linked with further PC, Mac, and Web app. The feature is not yet up for the users, however, it can come in update anytime after testing.
Whatsapp being a top chat and video app, always provides some of the best features for the app lovers. 
Moreover, Whatsapp will also provide some important search updates. One of them is the ‘Search by Date’ option. Now you can search messages of certain chat by date of these.
Another upcoming feature is an enhanced storage feature that allows you to check how much storage media is stored at your device. This can help you to get rid of useless media and keep a check on storage from Whatsapp on your device. Consequently, the problem of our gallery been loaded with worthless media is solved. 
Soon these new features will be available for users to enhance the user experience. This can make Whatsapp more successful as per the user experience.
It is very important to improve the user experience from time to time by adding different new features. Many of these requirements come up after feedback from different users. After a detailed analysis of the user’s experience, one can get an insight into what users are expecting from them. As different people use apps for various purposes, so their needs are different. Like new features of Whatsapp, many other apps add such features to retain the users.