Boycott French Products: Time to Unite as One Muslim Ummah: This is How Muslims Think

In his recent comments on blasphemous cartoon publishing president of France Emmanuel Macron gave a controversial statement. Earlier this month he said Islam is the religion ‘in crisis’. Furthermore, on Friday the blasphemous cartoons were shown on the government buildings in France. All these incidents sparked the sentiments of Muslim Ummah across the world. 

The world is unable to understand how much Muslims love the Prophet PBUH. Muslims are always ready to put their lives in danger for the name of Muhammad PBUH. This is the reason some clever terrorists sitting on top positions in world politics use to tease Muslims. Many non-Muslims don’t even know the importance of the issue. That’s why people like Macron took advantage of that.

Why Boycott French Products?

What happened next is that Muslims from all over the world start boycotting french products. What is needed to do more as a Muslim? It is to gear up this boycott campaign 

I will try to explain how much Muslims are involved in the world economy. Moreover how far they can go in this campaign. 

Muslims are approximately 28% of the world. Which are nearly 80 trillion dollars in the world GDP. What if all the Muslim countries boycott French products? The French economy will be on its knees within the time span of 6 months. Coronavirus has already weakened the economic situation of France.

Muslims are now putting pressure on the western world to remove all the Islamophobic content from the internet. Recently, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has written a letter to the CEO of Facebook to take Islamophobic content just like the holocaust. This is because we Muslims feel much more than what Jews feel when someone talks about the holocaust. This is clear hypocrisy of the west that when they talk against Islam it comes under freedom of speech. When anybody speaks against Zionism, it’s hate speech. Are you feeling the two faces of the western world? 

According to some news of the Reuters, the #Boycott_French_Products campaign starts showing results. The French government urges Middle Eastern countries to stop boycotting french products. No economy can stand if two billion people stop buying their products.

Products Made by France:

Now is the time to give pace to this campaign and put France down to knees. Muslims should now take part in this boycott French Products campaign. The following is the list of the french products you should stop buying immediately:

  1. LU (Biscuits)
  2. Garnier (Cosmetics)
  3. L’oreal (Cosmetics)
  4. Total (Petrol Pumps)
  5. Bic (Razors, pens, plastic products)
  6. Moulinex (Electronics)
  7. Lancome (Cosmetics)
  8. Lacoste (Fashion Brand)
  9. Michelin (Tyres)
  10. Carrefour (Super Market)
  11. Louis Vitton
  12. Christian Dior
  13. Chanel

Wait and see.