Make Google my homepage in windows 11 and 10

Make Google my homepage in windows 11 and 10

Google becomes one of the necessities of today’s life. Everyone in society uses this technological website. The term “Google ” comes from the mathematical term “Googol”. This term means the one followed by 100 zeros. In other words, it means several nearly inconceivable sizes. Although Google has a specialization in online marketing/advertising, cloud computing, search engine, hardware, and software technologies. Due to these facilities, it is beneficial to make google my homepage. 
Moreover, is the most visited website on the planet. Several other Google-owned websites, such as YouTube and Blogger, are also on the list of most popular websites. Furthermore, Forbes ranks Google second while Interbrand ranks it fourth on the list of most valuable brands. It is worthy to make google chrome the default searching engine or home page. But the question arises: what is the homepage? And what are its advantages? So, A home page is a web page that acts as the website’s entry point. It is the default site that opens when you visit a web URL.
1- It displays the features and options of websites.
2- Because it is the main page, we may navigate to any other page from here.
This is quite handy to have as your default homepage. So, you can start your daily work in a single go. Although Windows 11 and 10 use different search engines such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Make Google my homepage using Google Chrome 

Google Chrome is a multi-platform web browser created by Google. It was initially launched for Microsoft Windows in 2008, and it was created with free software components from Apple Web Kit and Mozilla Firefox. Here are the few steps to make google my homepage on google chrome.


  • Launch the google chrome browser from your windows 11 or 10
  • Move towards its settings option.
  • Go to the Appearance tab in the open window.
  • Open the “Show Home button” option.
  • Write the URL in the custom part. Or write the link of any engine you want to add as a home page. 
  • Then close it and enjoy fast surfing. 

Now you will always receive google as the default browser. Furthermore, you don’t have to search it prior. There is always one page to be set as the default browser. 

Make Google my homepage using Firefox:

The Mozilla Firefox Browser, often known as Mozilla Firefox or just Firefox, is a free and open-source web browser. Moreover, it is created by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. To display web pages, Firefox employs the Gecko rendering engine.
Here are the few steps to make google my homepage by using the Firefox browser.


  • Open Firefox browser with your windows 11 or 10
  • Go to the right menu of the browser.
  • Open settings option of Firefox browser
  • Select the homepage tab of the opened window.
  • Enter on it.
  • Save this link to make it the default browser.

Now, you get google as the default browser. 


Safari is an Apple-developed graphical web browser that is heavily dependent on open-source technologies such as Web Kit. It initially launched on the Mac in 2003 as part of Mac OS X Panther; subsequently, in 2007. Moreover, the mobile version was introduced as part of the iPhone OS 1 for the iPhone and iPod touch. Furthermore, Google can also set it as the default browser in Safari.
Here we listed the few steps on how to make google my homepage in the safari browser. 

  • Open the Safari browser by using your window 10 or 11.
  • Go to the preferences option in the present window pane. 
  • Open the General tab for further selection. 
  • Find the homepage section.
  • Write> and press enter

Now, you get google as the default browser.
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