From Where Does the Phrase Come? ‘Can I change my Vote’- All You Want to Know

From Tuesday morning onwards google shows the search trend of ‘Can I Change My Vote’. This trend is really confusing at this time of elections. This is because more than two million people have already voted. According to Google, these voters are searching for ways or chances to change their vote decision. 

This is not funny but serious because Michigan is one of those states that have an old rule to change the vote. Many other states do not allow this. This trend also starts in the same state. 

The state, however, allows changing the vote till Friday at 5 P.M. According to State Secretary the voters who want to change their votes can email the request for a new ballot. For those voters, who have not yet submitted their votes and are with the ballots, they can visit the office in person and can get the new ballots. 

Can I Change My Vote
Trump Reaction of Google Trend ‘Can I change my vote’

President Trump took this search trend in a different way. He said in a tweet that people want to change their votes as they made their minds towards him after the second presidential debate. 

He claimed that people want to vote wisely in this most important election of US history. That’s why he said that the trend refers to changing votes to him. After his tweet, the trend goes stronger and he then again said that the people who are searching this are his supporters now. 

Let’s see on the election day, what happens.