Second Wave of Coronavirus is on Top of Our Heads: What Should We Have to do Now?

Coronavirus was never gone anywhere. It exists everywhere. The countries following the SOPs or lockdowns show a reduction in the daily number of corona cases. It doesn’t mean the virus is gone. You are just have protected yourself from the novel coronavirus. You can be a victim in the future if you stop following the SOPs again. Many Countries started experiencing a second wave of coronavirus. 

Most of the European countries are now under the second attack of the virus. Countries like Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal, etc, all have the highest number of daily cases during the past week. Meanwhile, Belgium and the Czech Republic are under strange and severe corona attack.

There is nothing special in the behavior of these countries. Nobody can give reasons behind this spread. Both countries are facing more than 15k new coronavirus patients daily. These countries now become the epicenter of the second wave in Europe. 

Meanwhile, there still exist countries that are still fighting with the first wave of the virus. For example, India, the USA, Brazil, Russia, etc, have never shown a considerable decrease in daily corona patients.

The Situation of Pakistan:

Moreover, many countries that have successfully fought with the virus and lest with few daily cases. Countries like Pakistan with a population of more than 220 million and have weaker medical and health systems are doing very well. The maximum daily cases were gone to 6825 (Data from Worldometers). They then reduced to new daily cases in between 200-700 with less than 10 deaths daily. 

This control of the virus comes after the country implemented the smart lockdown policy. The National Command and Control Center NCOC examines the daily situation of the pandemic. They then impose smart lockdown on the places having coronavirus clusters. This policy works very well for the country and it effectively stops the spread of the virus.

Recently, the country shows an increase in numbers. The second wave of coronavirus is on top of our heads now. There can be multiple reasons behind this increase. The country recently opened its education system which includes schools, colleges, universities. Furthermore, maybe the change in weather has an effect on the health of the people. The winters are coming and flu, temperature, and throat problems are normal in this season. Maybe this weakens the immune system and results in the increase of patients. 

Now the country again starts locking down the cluster areas and institutions with new cases. Recently Deputy Commissioner office has imposed section 144 on wearing facemasks and covers in public places. Hope so it works again.

Follow SOPs During Second Wave of Coronavirus

What Should We Have to do Now?

Whatsoever may be the reason, it has now become obvious to start following the SOPs again. Wear a mask and don’t go outside unnecessarily. The spread of the coronavirus again depends on our behaviors. The more we follow the instructions, the more we can protect ourselves. Work on improving your immune system.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Follow SOPs.