Teenage Money Making Ideas & Techniques – Business Guide

Teenage is an age when a person starts thinking of its future. In this age, the idea of independent life first comes in the mind. But we all know we can only make our decisions when we are financially independent. Moreover, many teens also want to help their parents by sharing their finances. They usually make money to pay their educational bills. Many teenagers also want to make money to get experience and exposure. They also want to improve the skills that can help them further in their lives. Working at this stage of life takes them one step ahead when compared to others. Teenage money making ideas will help students of this age.

So it is pretty obvious for teenagers to look for ideas which can help them generate money. Indeed, it’s the first step towards financial independence. Furthermore, teenagers have a few hours to earn money because they are also studying. So they can mostly do part-time works instead of a full-time job. So there are limited options available for them to make money. The article will try to help them by providing several ideas.

It is important for everyone to share their money-making technique with their parents. This is because sometimes you can be others who can trap you in some illegal activities without your consent. So in this case your parents can warn and stop you before doing it.

The following are the ideas and techniques, using which teens can make money:

Part-time Restaurant Job:

This is one of the most popular ways that teens use to earn money working part-time. One can do several jobs in a restaurant like a waiter, delivery guy, cleaner, helper if possible can be a cook too. 

The restaurant job can provide much exposure and several skills that can be helpful for them. For example, if anyone has an interest in cooking he or she can use this job as a first step. They can learn everything from purchasing, inventory control, selling, customer care, marketing, etc. This can make them able to open their own restaurant in their life. 

On the other hand, when see-through financial angle, this job can give them a handsome hourly income. In addition to that, they can earn tips, free or discounted meals, and bonuses. But this totally depends on their working style and ethics.

Earn From Youtube:

In my opinion, teenagers are the best age to start a Youtube channel. This is because in student life there is a very little burden, shyness, and fear of people watching. So one can easily choose a niche for making videos that are according to his/her interests. There are many examples where teens and even children earn a lot from Youtube videos. Remember 6 years old Youtube millionaire

Apart from money, students can learn video making, video editing, photography, designing, and graphic designing skills. Moreover, it becomes your asset that will grow with time. As years and years pass, you will have more subscribers and viewers, making more money for you. That’s why it is one of the most recommended work to start in teenagers. 

Teenage Money Making Ideas

Start Your Blog:

If you are good at writing articles and have an interest that people want to read or learn, start your blog. The blog is a website where people come to read thoughts, experiences, and points of view of the writer. For example, if you are a traveler or loves traveling, you can write a blog on areas to visit, restaurants to eat, and places to stay, etc. It is also a very good way to make money online.


In the past, students purchased items from marketplaces where deals were on. They then resell these items by making their physical small store somewhere near their house. For example, many teenagers go to the dollar stores and get things having worth more than that. Afterward, they resell them. 

The modern form of doing this type of work is by reselling on Amazon. They can get items on the deal from Facebook Marketplace or any other market and then resell them on Amazon and make profits. 

Although it is a tricky thing to do, it will provide a lot of experience of selling on Amazon.

Earn From Taking Surveys:

There are many sites that pay people for surveying for them. The surveys are of different types and one has to choose which is suitable for him/her. 

Although many of these sites have a bad reputation, still few are doing good work. Just make an email and apply to them and provide a survey of your area. Swagbucks, Treasuretrooper, i-say, etc are a few such sites. 

Earn From Playing Games and Watching Videos:

There are sites like Swagbucks and many others that pay you money for playing games, watching videos, or even doing web searches. Students usually do these things in their daily life. How good is that you are getting paid for them. 

Tutoring Other Students:

Becoming a tutor and teaching other students of smaller grades is the oldest way to earn money for teenagers. Although the internet provides a number of ways to get taught online for free, still many students want tutors. So choose the subjects you are good at and search for students and make money. Moreover, if you have any skill, you always use that skill to earn money by teaching others. 

Make Money By Selling Stock Photos:

If any teenager is a photography enthusiast, this is the best way to earn money. It will sharpen your photography skill, provide you money, and also make your platform on various websites. 

There are many websites that provide free and paid images to their users. However, they provide some amount to the people that give them stock photos. Whenever someone downloads your photo the platform will pay you. 

Teenage Money Making Ideas

Write Your Own E-Book:

E-books are very popular these days. If you have a writing skill with an idea, choose a topic and write your own e-book for children. 

Sell it on different platforms including Amazon. Make sure you should choose an amazing topic and write an interesting book. It can be a storybook or whatever.

Sell Your Skills:

If you have any skills like graphic designing, writing, video making, coding, proofreading, social media management, acting, drawing, etc, sell them. There are several platforms for each skill where people are searching for a person like you. Go to these platforms and work for people to make money. 

You can also reach out to local businesses in your community and sell your services for a relatively low price. In this way they save money and you make money. Win-Win situation for both of you.

Other Ways:

Other ways to earn money in teenage are:

  1. Newspaper Guy
  2. Work in a Grocery Store
  3. Baby Sitter
  4. Pet Handler
  5. Sell Homemade Items

Bottom Line:

There are a lot of teenage money making ideas. Make sure you choose the one that is suitable for you and keep in mind its future perspective. Furthermore, I again repeat, take consent from your parents or any other experienced person before starting something. 

Starting earning at this age will become very helpful for you in the future. Getting early financial independence will help you taking your own decisions like a career choice. So most probably you will choose the one according to your interests and this improves the chances of success.

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