Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon Can Earn Life Time Income of an Average Man in 8 Seconds

Where coronavirus pandemic affects a lot of billionaires negatively, it also grew businesses of many. Take an example of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, who has achieved many milestones during this time. You can say covid comes to make his business idea even more successful. 

Jeff Bezos has achieved the $200 billion worth mark in the pandemic time. This is because of the immense increase in online shopping. Due to lockdown situations, people prefer to stay at home and get things delivered to their doors. The stocks of Amazon also played important role in that much gain.

Another most interesting thing that happened with Jeff is that he got increased in worth by 13 billion dollars in a day. Yeah read it twice, it is almost 9.9 billion pounds in one day. This figure is too interesting and one can easily use in different ways and get various amazing facts.

Let’s break down this figure. 13 billion dollars a day means 544,891,126 $ in an hour. Dividing it further gives us 9,081,518 dollars per minute and 151,358 dollars per second. It means Jeff can make more than 150 thousand dollars per second. 

It means in the time of 8 seconds and above, Jeff can earn 1.2 million dollars. This is the average income of the man which he earns in his whole lifetime. Now you can take it in any way and related it with any activity. For example, if you waste 8 seconds in any activity, there is a man on earth that has made enough in that time which you will earn in your whole life. 

Now you can think of anything expensive in your mind and just calculate the time for Jeff to be able to buy that thing. This is an absolute example of making an idea successful with determination. 

It looks uncomfortable discussing someone’s earnings in that way. But at the same time, it gives motivation to someone who is working on an idea which is the need of the hour. So instead of taking it in a negative way, take a positive aspect of this achievement by Jeff Bezos.

Clearly coronavirus pandemic is a tragedy for many across the globe. But as there is a saying that, ‘Someone’s tragedy is the other person’s opportunity’. So it becomes a huge opportunity for Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon to expand its business and service to the places. The Covid and lockdowns have automatically enhanced home delivery and online shopping culture.