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Businesses around the world keep on evolving. As the needs change new business ideas come into existence. Sometimes old businesses need to be run in new ways generating new business opportunities. Here we will discuss the 10 best business ideas to make money in the current post coronavirus situation. 

Coronavirus changes the way we think, behave, and act. Although, the pandemic results in the closing of many businesses, it is important to mention that it creates room for many other ideas to work. For example online shopping, delivery services, medical services, health instructors, etc. Furthermore, previously running businesses also required improvements that are per the SOPs of coronavirus. 

Covid 19 Changes Businesses
Covid 19 Changes Businesses

If you are stuck in a situation where you are not able to figure out what to do to earn money from a business read this article to the end. These ten business ideas will work for everyone in these situations:

Sell Products Online:

The one business that does not suffer during the pandemic but stats shows an increase in sales to many folds in online stores. The sale graph of Amazon shows a lot of sales improvement and Jef Bezos’s worth also crosses the 200 billion dollar mark.

Also, check out the behaviors of consumers and customers. People are preferring online shopping as they are more restricted to stay at home and follow corona SOPs.

So the best way of making money these days is to start the online selling of products. The products may include crafts, textiles, crockery, decoration, gifts, toys, beddings, arts, groceries, etc. There are many options, for example, open an online store for a specific niche, try selling on Amazon, E-bay, Daraz, etc. 

So follow these steps:

  1. Take your time  
  2. Research on products 
  3. Select a niche
  4. Identify products and customers
  5. Finalize way to sell (either make your store or sell from other platforms)
  6. Make marketing strategy
  7. Give the best customer service
  8. Make money

Sell Online Services:

With the closing of many offices, people prefer to work remotely from home. Moreover, many companies close their physical offices and get the services of their employees and other experts. In this situation, it is easy to sell online services. With the businesses shifting online website and application development, online security services, digital and social media marketing, web and graphic designing, SEO, translation, voice work,  etc are also in scope. So selling online services is one of the best business ideas to make money these days.

Health Services:

In post corona days people will not prefer going to hospitals for mere problems. They need health services to be provided at their doorsteps. So starting a business to provide home health services including regular checkups, physical and mental exercises, medicine provision, etc will be profitable. 

Health Services

Physical Health:

People now are more concerned and aware of improving their health and immune system. Facilitating them in this cause will help to establish a good business.

Open a gym and a healthy diet bar or a store to help people to improve their physical health, immune system, and healthy diet. One can also start providing facilities for sports, dance classes, and yoga. 

Website or Store Flipping Business:

Flipping is a business where people build an online store or a website and then sell it to someone else and make money online. Many people purchase a well-established site or a store, improve its graphics, sales, traffic, etc and then sell at a higher price.

If you are good at establishing such sites and stores, it will be preferable for you to start a flipping business.

Delivery Services:

Product delivery services also show a huge increase in revenue as people prefer to stay at home and shop online. Due to lockdowns, it now becomes a habit to use delivery services for purchasing different products. With every physical store making its online presence and getting sale orders from websites and social media platforms, it is now time to have authentic, trustworthy, and fast delivery services.

There is still a big deficit of good and reasonable delivery services. Start a service that can provide better quality at a reasonable price.

Digital Marketing:

With every company coming online and developing its physical presence, the one that will excel more will be the one with better digital marketing. Online marketing is the key thing to shine online. So the companies need digital marketers that can provide graphics, videos, animations, marketing, etc. If you make a company that provides all this stuff and more, you can earn well. Moreover, you can also provide consultancy to different online brands and make money.


Providing education and skill is the most valuable business these days. Whether it is an online platform or a physical one, people prefer to keep on learning skills throughout their life. 

Gone were the days when people spend their whole life having a single skill set. Nowadays, technology is changing us so fast that the current skills become obsolete in a time span of ten years. Furthermore, it will be changing much fast in the coming years with the development of AI.

Develop a platform to provide the skill set to the students of every age. 

Food Business:

Food businesses are one of those that will be less affected during post corona days. Although during lockdowns food businesses suffer a lot these types of businesses are here to stay forever. People do not stop eating. So investing your money and time in food businesses will be an investment of life which never goes down.

Content Creation
Create Content

Content Creation:

People want to read, watch, and listen to spend their time. So creating content that may include blogs, videos, music, and books will help you to earn a handsome amount of money. You can make your own entertainment, education, or religious channel or blog. 

In the end, these are hard times for all businesses but also an opportunity to start new in accordance with what is needed. One should do homework and research before starting. Hope so the business you start will become successful.

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