How Much Does YouTube Pay?

In recent years Youtube becomes the source of earning for many around the globe. It is the platform for content creators and video makers. It provides information, entertainment, sports, education, learning, etc, videos for viewers. 

Unless you are making original content and people are watching youtube will pay you handsomely which depends on views of the video. The payment method is different for the viewership of various countries. This is because of how much advertisers pay to Youtube in that country. Youtube is paying the content creators and earning from the advertisers. So it is simple it only can pay if it earns.

There are many Youtube millionaires which shows that it is a great way to earn money. 

Youtube has terms and conditions. Following them is the criteria to get adds on your channel. Once your adds are approved Youtube will start paying you against the viewers viewing the add.

to create a Youtube channel

On What Factors Youtube Payment Depends?

Getting paid by Youtube is not a simple formula but it requires some techniques. The basic factor is to increase viewers and their view time on your video. Youtube usually follows many revenue streams and each of them plays differently. The amount may vary depending upon:

  1. Video Length
  2. Watch Time
  3. Related Ads
  4. Number of Add Clicks

Payment Rate:

Calculating the exact payment rate is not easy in the Youtube case. Some advertisers pay on the number of additional clicks and other pay per 1000 views. Some pay with respect to how long the viewer views the add.

But there are some general methods that can provide an idea about how much you can earn with it.

Getting Started to get Paid by Youtube:

You need to fulfil certain criteria to get Adsense approved for the Youtube channel. To qualify for that the channel must have:

  1. Minimum 1000 subscribers
  2. 4000 hours watch time in past 12 months
  3. Adsense Account
  4. Agreeing to TOCs
  5. Approval from Youtube

If you want to create content, work on it with determination. You will get approved easily once you fulfil the criteria.