What is a Blog? 10 Common Questions – Beginner’s Guide

Imagine yourself in a situation where you want help in terms of anything. For example, you need a recipe for making a meal, information for the best salons in the area you are in, or in search of hotels, etc. Who will provide you this information today when you don’t have anyone around you. The answer is ‘the blog’. You will search for the situation on the internet and instantly get help from it. Now the question is What is a Blog?

What is a Blog?

A blog is just collecting up thoughts, ideas, experiences, information, and more at some web place on the internet. The blogs are easy to use and navigate to get the required information. 

So it is an online platform, website, or a diary. The blog owner puts stuff for a group of people and to engage the public. In this way, the owner increases its viewership and gets ads through various channels.

What is Blog Writing?

Blog writing is referred to as writing articles on various topics to provide readers learning, information, collection, etc. Some people write blogs for other websites and many others have their own sites on which their blogs appear. For example, there are travel bloggers who visit places and provide information about the place, people, food, expenses. Moreover, they give their recommendations for hotels to stay, places to visit in that area, and restaurants to eat food.

What Bloggers Do?

The bloggers usually share their knowledge in their ways to the audience beyond borders. Every blogger attracts a like-minded audience and has its viewership. Moreover, they collect and put information, music, movies, games, software, etc, on their platform. This makes it easy for users to get the collections in one place.

What is a Niche in Blogging?

Niche is just like a topic around which the blog circulates. It means that if the niche of a blog is food recipes, the blog will teach how to make various foods. Also, if the niche is world news, the blog provides information about daily happenings in the world.

People usually select a niche according to their interests and knowledge. Also, there are several other ways to select a niche. You may write on a topic where you see a gap exists. 

What is Guest Posting in a Blog?

Guest posting or guest blogging is a way to introduce your content on a relatively more popular site. This is the way to get backlinks (Explained below). In a guest posting, you offer a unique article written by your side to post on other common and popular websites. Thus, that website allows you to put the link of your site on it. In this way, you get the backlink that has a worth and that website gets a unique article.

What is a Backlink? 

A backlink is your footprint on some other website. This shows that you are writing good content that is popular enough and credible enough that a credible website is referring to your site. There are many to get backlinks. Most popular are guest blogging, infographics, giving unique statistical data, etc.

What is WordPress Used For?

WordPress is a platform that provides the opportunity to build a website or a blog most efficiently. It is a web publishing software for beginners having website content management system. Bloggers and website owners that do not have expertise in programming usually use this platform to establish their site.

What is a WordPress Blog?

A WordPress blog is a blog that is created on WordPress using all resources related to WordPress. Most of the time bloggers prefer to make and run blogs with the help of this platform. This is because it is too easy to design, change, post, and other work to do on WordPress. Otherwise, one has to hire a full-time programmer for this purpose. 

What is a Personal Blog?

A personal blog is a diary about day to day life and interesting events happening in the life of a writer. So basically it is an individual blog rather than of an organization or a company. 

People usually show interest in the lives of other people and they want to check how it’s going. That’s why these types of blogs are extremely popular among people.

How to Make Money Using Blog?

The most common question about blogging is, how people generate money from just blogging. Usually, we come across many bloggers in our daily life. They are generating money, paying their bills, and enjoying their lives. The people become curious to know how they make money.

There are several ways to earn money from their blog site. Some of them are the following:

  1. Money from Google ads
  2. Getting paid from sponsors by doing marketing of their products and services.
  3. By affiliate marketing of various products