10 Best Ways to Cheer Someone Up – Spread Smiles & Change Mood

The era in which we are living is full of worries and hectic routines. From childhood to teenage, from teenage to mid-age till death we have become money-making machines. This is just to fulfill our needs. We need to learn different ways to cheer someone in stressful situations.

All the worries have now become an individual issue. Gone were the days when people live in a community having good relationships. They help, enjoy, and talk with each other on every occasion of happiness and difficulty. Nowadays things are changed and nobody bothers you if you have some issues. But becoming someone that still pay attention to the problems of other people, is the need of time. 

Spread smiles and change other people’s moods if they are angry or sad. Try following these tips to cheer them up:

  1. Listen to Their Story

 The very first thing you can do to change someone’s mood is to listen to their story. People want to share their stories just to feel relaxed. You can become those ears for them. Spend time with them and relate the story with something you know or experienced. Speak with them with examples and encourage them not to worry.

Listen to Others
Speak out Stress with Friends
  1. Cry the Hell Out:

While listening to the story of the stressed person allow to cry the hell out. Never stop him/her from crying instead give room and ask them to cry. Many times people who don’t cry during intense mental situations become mentally sick. They then never talk and their mind gets stuck to that unfortunate incident. So for future health, it is better to shed some tears.

  1. Take The Person for a Day Out:

Spending a day out with anyone in stress can give relaxation and a feeling of ease and joy. Take the person in a bad mood to someplace or dinner. Talk, listen to them, and cheer them.

  1. Hug Them:

Hugging can do wonders that sometimes words and actions may not. It is the best stress-relieving thing to do. Hug the person in pain by showing empathy and feel it. 

Laugh the Stress Out
Laugh the Stress Out
  1. Try to Spread Smiles:

One smile can be better than a million words. It can release stress hormones and give feelings of joy and happiness. Moreover, laugh the stress out by chuckling. As laughter is the best medicine so take your conversation back to old school days when you have fun. 

  1. Go for Walk with Them:

Going for a walk with a stressed person can give two major benefits. One is that it gives time for the conversation and the second is that walk is an exercise that is stress releasing.

  1. Make Them Busy:

Many times stress comes from overthinking the same bad incident. Hence the best way to keep it away is to make the person busy. You can do it by gardening, arts, dance, etc. 

Do Arts to Release Stress
Do Arts to Release Stress
  1. Distract Mind:

As mentioned earlier overthinking is one of many reasons for stress and anxiety. Distracting someone’s mind from repeatedly thinking about the same problems can put him out of a feeling of stress. Distract the mind of that person either by watching movies, playing games, shopping, or any other physical activity.

  1. Have a Motivational Talk:

A motivational talk can boost the morale of a sad person up. Give a short motivational speech to the stressed one. Make him feel lucky for having much good in life and draw attention towards blessings.

  1. Be There for Someone Stressed:

Your presence sometimes is all that matters. The person will never forget you for his/her whole life if you were there when needed most. Many times, sharing someone’s worries and listening to them is enough to win hearts. Presence can change minds, it can engage people and release stress. Be a true friend and show care and empathy to the one needed. A friend can do a lot better what a psychiatrist cannot do afterward.

We being a social animal need to socialize, share the situations and feelings, help others, and make them feel blessed. Moreover, spending an individual life is not the solution.