How to Be Happy? Change Your Habits

To improve the quality of life we need to keep ourselves happy and emotionally strong. The era in which we people are living is socially so much connected from one another via the internet. We observe many things on our social networks that can give us a feeling of grief, hope, insecurity, stress, etc. Many times these things have nothing to do with our daily life but still, we feel lesser to many. It makes us unhappy and we need to find how to be happy.

Life is too short to live for the sake of other people. If I wear this what will people say, if I cannot buy it people think I am poor, people call me dumb if I couldn’t get the job or admission, etc? These are all the insecurities that have nothing to do with our actual life. But still, they are existing and we need to cope with them.

We just need to work on our habits and make ourselves strong from inside. It can be done by any means whether mentioned in this article or not. But this blog will provide you with the best ways to handle these situations.

Built a Spiritual Connection:

As comfort belongs to the body, happiness belongs to the soul. To feed the soul, it must have to be connected with someone above all. You need to share your difficulties with someone who knows everything and that is Almighty. Moreover, you have to ask for help, pay thanks to Him, and have to ask for forgiveness on your wrongdoings. For this, you need to have a spiritual connection with the Almighty.

This will provide you the companion when you feel alone in hard times. The connection will give you a feeling of hope and comfort. It is too important to link yourself with the one who made you, who feeds you, who listens to you, who provides you with everything you have. 

Feel Thankful to Whatever You Have:

Always think of the difficulties and miseries of the people who don’t have the blessings and things you have. Feel about them and then pay thanks to the Almighty that provides you with all these things without even your attention and asking. 

There are many people around us that wish about the things we don’t even notice that we have them. Whenever you feel lesser to anyone, think about the blessings you have. You will feel satisfied while counting.
So another way to be happy is to be thankful. Allah told in Quran:

If you be thankful to Me, I will provide you more

Think Positive:

The mind plays a very important role in your life. Every thought whether positive or negative starts from the mind. So work on your mind to think in a positive way. It is observed that negative thoughts could not be killed, as we are humans after all. We just need to block them, to divert them, to kill them. Try to take positivity from bad events happening to you. Stay determined and stay positive. Eventually, everything will be okay.

Exercise Daily to Heal Mind:

As mentioned earlier mind the center of all the activity related to the soul. So we need to work on it. Physical workout can keep your mind busy and pull out all the frustration, negativity, and bad thoughts. 

Try to exercise daily or at least 5 days a week. Walking, playing sports, yoga, boxing, swimming is all the best exercises to deal with unhappiness. Start doing it and feel the difference.

Visit Nature:

If you get stuck in bad feelings and unhappiness due to work or circumstances. Take a time out and go for vacations to places with natural beauty like hilly areas, lakes, mountains, etc. 

Breathe some fresh air far from hustle and bustle of city life. Spend time there and feel what is inside you, meet with people there. Sometimes in mountains, we experience to meet with people that not even wish or think of the blessings we are enjoying. 

Digest the purity of nature, absorb freshness, assimilate the naturalness, and drink fresh flowing water. It will change your inner self and provide you calmness, thankfulness, and positivity.

Admire Yourself to be Happy

Admire Yourself:

Most of the time we are surrounded by the people that never give credit or admire others. They speak to criticize only. So we need to find ourselves and start admiring our own acts and abilities. Give credit to your success, work, and accomplishments. 

Stop making a comparison with other people. Instead, live your own life and do the things you love (keeping yourself within limits of law and culture).

Express yourself to others and put your emotions out. You can write about yourself, do vlogs, and can do something creative like painting about your thoughts.

Conquer Yourself:

Master yourself and never allow others to dictate you. Never allow anybody to hurt you or to put down you. Feel yourself and play with your strengths. Work on making your weaknesses into strengths by killing negativity.

Life is very short to think about others, be yourself, live your own life, and give a shut-up call to all those spreading negativity.