Stress Management: How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations?

The best of the decisions in our lives come when we successfully handle the stress of making that decision. Stress management helps you to become more peaceful, joyful, happy, present, and thoughtful. 
In our daily life, we come across the situation of job interviews, presentations, bad road experience, and family-related issues. What happens if we allow stress and anxiety to cover the presence of mind. We make wrong decisions. Most of the divorces, accidents, and interview failures are the result of handling stress in the wrong way. 

There is a saying that “Anger eats the intelligence”
Learning stress and anxiety management in hard times will affect positively in life. It improves your mental health and prepares you for the future. Mental health improves physical health and both of them can make your life happy.
Here we discuss some of the ways you should learn to manage stressful situations.

Have a Schedule:

A schedule guides you about how and when to do certain tasks. Following the schedule can always keep you away from last-minute stresses. If you divide your daily and weekly tasks and try to fulfill that plan you will never take important decisions in rush and hurry. 
But the question is many times we make schedules but not follow them. Exactly this happens in my case too but being a Muslim I started praying five times a day. We Muslims pray five times a day and each prayer has certain timings. It helps me a lot to stick to the plans which I made.

Release the Stress:

Sometimes we get so much involved in work and tough daily routine, that we get stressed. Many times things are not working out in a way we want. It creates a feeling of worries and anxiety. We must have to release these stresses to restore our factory settings. 
How to release stress is another question popped now. There are many stress-releasing activities like cycling, jogging, hiking, sports, visiting a  beautiful place in the mountains or water, yoga class, jumping, and boxing, even massage, etc. All these activities create a pharmacy of mastery in your brain which will affect your psychology and your neurobiology. You start feeling much better after such activities. Only you know what you feel. 

Stop Allowing Stress in Your Life:

Stress also comes from the way of thinking and competing with others in a materialistic way. Most of these stresses are not real. Stress Management of these unrealistic tensions can make us more focused and productive.
For example in this world of Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms, we try to copy others. When we watch other people wearing brands, going out to places, enjoying weekends we in our mind get a sense of competition. Many things in our life we purchase and do just for social status. Sometimes if we cannot it creates stress and anxiety that can even lead to suicide. Remember the movie ‘The Joneses” in which the fake family of marketers started living in a house. They then started inspiring others with branded items. They are on the agenda to increase sales of items in that area. It then leads to the suicide of a neighbor.  
You have to make an intentional decision in life at some point and stop allowing stress in life. Many things that stress you may not stress out others. So you have to train yourself to stop taking stress on your mind. 

Be yourself:

The quality of your life is the quality you live emotionally. Angry people find a way to get angry without any reason. Caring people on the other hand always in search of people who need care. 
So be yourself whatever you are and try to better yourself. It is the long term process of changing bad habits and focusing on things and gifts you have. Celebrate yourself and pay tribute to The All Giver. Try to feed your mind something good daily.
Life is not about me it’s about us and the secret of living is giving. You should try to interact with people around you and make their lives better. This creates balance around you and there is no feeling left for lack of physical things.

Never Expect Something:

Expectations always lead to disappointments. So as an entrepreneur or to enjoy the life you should never expect things to go in a certain way. Perform and make decisions and let things happen. Try to avoid yourself from setbacks.
It is not upon you to make right or wrong decisions. You only have to make the best decisions according to the circumstances. Then leave it to Almighty. There are many cases in which we feel that our decision is right but it ends up a blunder. 

Have Some Spiritual Connection:

You should develop some spiritual connection with the higher one. Sometimes you cannot talk to anyone around you about your problems. This is because your problem is your problem, not theirs and they may not put an ear on it. That’s why you need someone to discuss, talk, and ask about getting from it. We Muslims pray to Allah five times a day and put our hearts out to Almighty. He has better plans for all of us. 
So live life and stop worrying about materialistic things. Whenever you face hurdles and not able to make enough, think about losing your loved one. The money, fame, and things are of no use if there is no one there to use them.
Stress management can have so much positive impact on our lives. So we just have to focus on our goals and should never put an eye on small problems.