How to Get Followers on Twitter? A Short Guide

Twitter is by far the most important social media platform. You may think of Facebook but the reality is most influencers use Twitter. It is also called the powerhouse. Almost all political persons, heads of states, ambassadors, sportsmen, artists, etc use Twitter to share information, feelings, and news. The Twitter hashtags are used to trend an incident or news. But many new people joining the platform have no clue about getting new followers. After years they manage to get a few hundred followers. This article will give you insight into how to get followers on Twitter.

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It is very hard to get followed by someone. This can only happen if someone like something valuable coming from you repeatedly. As the platform provides no short cut so you need to work on the ways to get Twitter followers:

  1. Become famous so that people love to follow you
  2. Optimize your profile and put your bio info interestingly
  3. Put 2-5 tweets per day also schedule your tweets by time and week
  4. Add value to your tweets
  5. Use images and graphical presentation
  6. Use hashtags so that people watch your tweets related to these hashtags
  7. Reply to other people commenting on your tweets 
  8. Do retweets and likes
  9. Follow other people as sometimes people while searching their following, follow those who follow them
  10. Invite people outside of Twitter (From other social media platforms)

This is a short guide with some ideas. However, if you have any further queries and need help reach out to us in the comments.