How to Sleep Fast? Tips and Tricks

Many people around us have sleeping problems. They lay down on the bed but could not be able to sleep for many hours. This becomes a serious issue with time as lack of sleep can cause severe health problems in today’s hectic daily routine. I will try to give you insight into the causes and tips to sleep fast.

As we know, the mind dictates and the body follows. So it is the mind that is not able to sleep because of many reasons, i.e. stress, thoughts, tension, etc. To convince the body to follow the mind to sleep we first need to calm down and shut down the mind.

If this problem does not occur often, then there is no need to worry. But it is an alarming situation for people having rising sleep issues. It can cause dizziness, health problems, headache, learning difficulties, memory loss, etc.

There are many known conventional ways to fell asleep like reading books, switching off the lights, and put mobile off. But sometimes, things get even worse. In that case, there are some recommended ways to sleep fast. Let’s discuss them to get rid of these issues:

Stick to a Consistent Sleeping Routine:

Make a sleeping routine and select time to go to bed. Many times due to late-night working and use of social media networks at night, we have disturbed our sleeping routines. 

Stick to the sleeping schedule and prefer to sleep at night in a relaxing environment. Make a habit of it. You will feel better to sleep.

Take Warm Water Showers Before Sleep:

Warm water helps to relax our body, so try this technique. 1-2 hours before going to bed take a warm water shower. This relaxes your body muscles and enhances the quality of sleep. 

You have observed that when you came back tired from hectic day work, taking a bath provides you feeling of relaxation and refreshes yourself. 

Set a Comfortable Environment:

Room Temperature:

You can only feel relaxed in a comfortable environment. So if possible try to set a cooler environment to get asleep. During sleep, the body cools down which can give the feeling of cold. But when you go to bed your body is warm and needs a cooler environment.

Set the room temperature according to your comfortability.

Right Mattress:

Mattress comfortability is another factor to have a good sleep. The right mattress is what fits your body shape, the position of sleep, age, etc. Choose your mattress wisely to sleep well and sleep early.

Try Breathing Technique:

Breathing technique is such a powerful tool for this purpose, that I fell asleep trying this while writing this article. These techniques relax the nervous system, muscles, body heart rate, tension, etc. Avoid rapid breathing and prefer a slow and calm process. 

Try Famous 4-7-8 Method:

Follow these steps:

  1. Exhale out completely
  2. Now inhale the air for four seconds
  3. Stay there and hold the breath for seven seconds
  4. Exhale with the whooping style in eight seconds.

This is a very good practice for relaxation. But on the other hand, there is a possibility you may lose sleep while counting. But this happens in severe cases.

Visit Cool and Calm Places:

This technique is for those having severe issues. If you are one of those that cannot be able to sleep try to go and spend time in cool and calm places with less artificial lights. 

Go and spend time at a cool place in the mountains, bank of a lake, far away from busy city life. It is a real story of an old man having problems. He went to a beautiful lake far away from the city with all things he needs and a helper. According to him, the first three nights he spends all night staring ar stars. He thought it is not working. On the fourth night, he drowses a bit and more the very next night. At last, he extends his one week plan to two weeks. He added that in the second week he spend the whole night sleeping.

Take Some More Steps:

  1. Switch off lights or try eye band during traveling and to sleep during day times.
  2. If you don’t have any hectic physical routine, try to do some lite exercise and yoga. This will also help to serve the purpose.
  3. Avoid using a cell phone at night, before sleep.
  4. Avoid taking nap during day time.
  5. Read Books.
  6. If you are going to bed with an empty stomach, eat first ass eating gives you sleep.
  7. Avoid a noisy environment.

If you still find it difficult to sleep, consult a doctor. Sometimes due to certain medical issues like hypertension, some people face sleeping difficulties.