How to Start a Speech? 5 Tips to Open Speech or Presentation

Starting a speech is the point of winning the first impression. There is a known saying ‘The first impression is the last impression’. This saying is very much true because you will never have a second chance to put your first impression. Knowing about how to start a speech will help you to give your best and save you from embarrassment 

Sometimes a lot of hard work and preparation go vein when the speaker cannot engage the audience at the very start of speech or presentation. And many other people have the ability to convince the audience and take them to the journey of their speech. Mostly the first few words and gestures make the mind of the audience about the speaker. Afterward, this impression goes to the end of it.

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So it is very important to have tips to start a presentation. Follow these steps:

Make the Audience Attentive:

The first thing to do is to get the attention of the people listening to you. You can do this by thanking them and naming their category one by one. Give compliments to those who deserve it.

Give No Clue:

Right from the start, the audience is in the position of judging the speaker. They can make a judgment from the very first statement you give. So try not to give such clues to the audience. It creates more thrill and people will try to listen to everything until they know about your opinion.

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Ask Questions:

Questions are the best way to engage the audience. This tool can awake a sleeping audience because when they feel that the speaker can ask anyone, they remain active and listen to everything you say. Moreover, taking other people’s opinions and ideas gives an impression of the involvement of everyone in the hall. So ask more questions

Refer to the Previous Speeches:

Before coming to speak, listen to everybody, and then refer to their ideas while giving a presentation or speech. It helps the audience to understand more about the previous ones and your thoughts with respect to others.

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Be Entertaining and Easy to Understand:

Nobody loves a boring speaker rather everyone hates it. So try to entertain by using idioms, jokes, and examples. Moreover use easy words that are understandable by most of the listeners. 

For example, remember the election campaign of President Trump. People use to enjoy the time there. He used basic English language and never refer to difficult economical figures or law numbers, etc. What happens next that people understood him more and voted for him.

So try easy language with entertaining words to engage the audience during the speech or presentation.

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