How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

Sometimes in life, we need to delete Facebook account permanently. This could be due to several reasons i.e. start using another account, have multiple accounts, want to cut out from social media, due to privacy, etc. this could happen to anybody anytime. So it is important to learn how to delete Facebook account permanently.

Sometimes people got fed up from social networking sites due to behavioral changes and make quick decisions of deleting all the social accounts. However later they start worrying about their data. Some of them realize not to leave it. So that’s why Facebook and other such platforms provide a margin after deletion to change mind within 30 days. But still, it is recommended to take the backup of your account data including pictures and memories

What to do Before Deleting the Account?

So before deleting your account permanently follow these steps:

  1. Notify your connections, friends, and family about your departure.
  2. Backup your data if required.
  3. Revoke permissions from those apps that rely on Facebook to avoid future issues.
  4. Delete the Facebook app from mobile.

Account Deactivating:

If you are in a doubt about the future, you should only deactivate your account. In this way, your account is accessible any time you want to use it again. Deactivation is temporary. After deactivation whenever you log in to your Facebook account or use that account to log in somewhere else, your account will be reactivated.

During deactivation, you can still use messenger and chat with friends. Your profile picture will be there for the purpose. However, nobody can search for you or watch your profile during that time.

Permanently Deleting Facebook:

One must know the account password to complete the deleting process. Follow the following steps to permanently delete your account:

  1. Click the down arrow button () on the top right corner.
  2. Then select Settings & Privacy > Settings
  3. Go to Your Facebook Information in the column at the left side
  4. The select Deactivation and Deletion
  5. Select Permanently Delete Account
  6. Then click on Continue to Account Deletion
  7. Click Delete Account
  8. Facebook asks for Password, enter the password.

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How to Cancel Facebook Account Deletion:

Facebook like Instagram provides a cushion of 30 days to cancel the account deletion. After 30 days all your information, data, and account will be deleted and you will never access that again in the future. 

To complete the deletion process Facebook can take up to 90 days but your data will not be accessible for others during this time.To cancel the deletion process, just log in to your account and Cancel Deletion.