Top 10 Devices For Water Cool Chillers To Prevent From Measure Breakdown By Tsur Ben David

Water Cool Chillers

Using these 10 devices for a water cool chiller will save every part from being spoiled for many causes. 

All large industries or organizations are using Water Cool Chillers to keep their headquarters/ buildings cooled and for other reasons. So, using these water cool chillers for cooling towers or adiabatic systems, we need to keep them maintained as well. However, we can go for condenser tube cleaning; this will prevent the machine from being ceased and working smoothly. When you come to choose the different types of equipment or devices to keep your condenser working properly, therefore, you must be using these 10 safety devices.
Below we have mentioned the top safety devices for water cool chillers. However, almost all the water cool condenser users use these devices to make them water cool chillers maintained and work continuously, smoothly. This all has been studied and experienced by Tsur Ben David, CEO, and founder of Cet Enviro.

What are Water Cool Chillers? 

A water cool chiller is a device that is used to set down the temperature of the water. However, there is another route to lowering the temperature of water such as refrigerant. The gathered and waste heat is eliminated into the atmosphere.
Below are all 10 devices’ explanations that will help your condenser from being spoiled at the time of a miss happening with your device.

HP Switch:

This stands for “High-Pressure” Switch that comes in both small and big water cool chillers. Continuously working for a long time the pressure chiller goes up from 300 to 350. It means there is something wrong, so seeing this device trip down immediately. However, you have to reset it all the time as it trips down.

LP Switch for Water Cool Chillers:

This stands for “Low-Pressure” Switch; when the water cool chiller suffers from low pressure. In this case, the chiller’s fan will continuously work but this will not cool the water because there is no pressure at all. So, the LP switch will be tripped down, the biggest thing is that you do not have to reset it, this will start automatically.


With this, you can detect why the flow of water has stopped in the evaporator? If the flow of the water stops, the water will be converted into ice and ice will extend its space compared to water. This does not take much space, so heat exchange is so important in a water chiller. Seeing all this antifreeze is used. As the temperature goes down antifreeze will be activated immediately and stop the water chiller from converting water into ice. This is one of the biggest reasons for using antifreeze in the water cool chillers.

Water Flow Switch for Water Cool Chillers:

If both evaporator and condenser will face the problem related to water flow or pressure this will trip down the whole system. However, this water flow switch is used in both cases and this is one of the main reasons to add a water flow switch in water cool chillers.

Phase Reversal or Phase Sequence:

The fan of the water cooler condenser has to work in the right direction, not in the left direction. As we are able to change the direction of the fan with three phases. However, you can not use a water cooler chiller fan in another direction and this will not work. In this case, your condenser will not cool and this will cause you damage to the system, even if you change the phase. So, the damage does not take place in the phase, “Reversal or Phase Sequence” is used to prevent any miss happening with water cool chillers.

SPP Switch for Water Cool Chillers:

This is known as the “Single Phase Preventer” Switch. In any of the cases if your water cooling condenser is not cooling, even in three phases as well. In such a case there could be problems either with a wire breakdown or any other problem. SPP will switch off the system and prevent it from any miss happening to your condenser or water cool chiller.

Oil Pressure Switch/ Oil Safety Switch:

Oil has its own role in the whole system of water chillers. Having the pressure on oil is really so important. In many of the cases, oil pressure stopped. If this happens the chances of being ceased will be increased. To save the machine from this problem Oil pressure switch or oil safety switch is used for a water-cooled condenser.

Compressor Motor High-Temperature Protection:

If a compressor’s motor temperature goes above this will damage the motor or affect the wiring or be opened because of high temperature. This device will save the motor from overheating. This device will identify the problem with the motor and work to switch it off at the right time.

Oil Level Switch for Water Cool Chillers:

The oil goes into the oil separator and starts gathering there and this comes back to the compressor again. If in any of the cases the level of oil goes down that may damage the system. To prevent this problem the oil level switch is used.

Relief Valve:

This is a mechanical device, if in any of the cases the pressure on the flow goes down or up, in that case, this may cause you to blast the system or water cooling condenser. In any of the cases if these devices even all of them do not work. Relieve Value will open immediately to law the pressure in the open air and prevent the whole system from being blasted. However, this releases the pressure or eliminates it in the atmosphere.
These devices are intelligent enough to detect the problem happening in the system. All these devices have their own work to safeguard a water cool chiller at the right time. All these 10 devices give you the answer to your “Why” to have these devices for a condenser.
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The condensers or devices of water cooling, plants and commercial buildings are using these devices are expensive and important as well. So, to keep them maintained and working smoothly is more important. Therefore, we must be having these devices to keep the water cooler condenser working properly. These devices must be there if you are a user of this device of water cooling condenser or water cool chillers.

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