Key Tips to Use Small Office Space Wisely to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Coronavirus has affected the way we think, act, and behave. Many businesses around the globe are facing all-time high losses due to lockdown. Many are shutting down. The others are cutting their expenses by going online or laying off the staff. The online store becomes a need for every store to get customers from both ways. Some brick and mortar stores are closing while others are shifting their physical appearance online. As corona count is increasing companies are working on how to use small office space wisely.
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That’s why the trend for working from home is increasing during this pandemic. This trend will probably remain the same after this global health crisis.  However, there are still many businesses and offices that cannot be shifted on the internet. They need a physical office space to work. Many online businesses also need to at least some physical space to interact with.
So there is a need for some prevention strategies to control the spread of the virus. Many entrepreneurs are working on ideas to make office space safe from germs. Administrations are working on the development of SOPs to ensure the safety of their employees. 

6 ft Office Concept:

Youth are working on generating entrepreneurship business ideas from this opportunity. They are also working on ideas of designing am office space that can reduce the spread of viruses. For example, the 6ft office is a new concept. The idea is to define the area for everyone in the office. Moreover, the sitting space of each employee is circled with a radius of 6ft, with the chair in the middle. The paths for coming in and out are defined. 
The entrances and exits are different and employees cannot exit from the entrances. In addition to that, the moment in the office will be clockwise. In lifts, there will be stickers on the floor showing the place to stand. The lifts will be operated via mobile apps or voice controls. Offices will place automatic doors to restrict the touching of hands. 
The disposable desk pads are available for employees. The employees should change these pads daily to reduce the chance of getting the virus. There should be extensive cleaning in the office. 
small office space wisely

Health Building Programs:

The people who are coming to their offices after this health crisis, will not follow the same old routine. In the future, they will have different routines and environments. The health-building programs will bound managers and administrations to follow strict rules. These programs are here for the good of common employees. It also costs more for the employers but it is the need for time. Some common practices in health-building programs will be: 

  • To restrict the accumulation of people at a place they divide the office space is different sections. If offices have less space and more staff, they can divide their staff into 2-3 shifts. In this way, they can easily follow SOPs. 
  • There will be sensitization doors at the entrance to disinfect the people entering the office
  • Temperature check by the infrared temperature sensor.
  • UV light disinfection in office space at night.
  • Daily cleaning and sanitization of the whole office.

Moreover, entrepreneurs and administrators are working on many other options to save employees from this disease. That is why they are considering to use their small office space wisely. We can only pray that this pandemic ends as soon as possible. So that people can go back to their routine. Otherwise, the economic crisis can hit the developing and underdeveloped countries hard.