Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies 2022

Mobile App Development Companies

Mobile app development Companies have twisted a colossal buzz in this digital world. More and more industries demand mobile apps to streamline their business processes. This is why, today, you can find millions of apps in an app store, ensuring diverse functionalities. Then again, that’s not even close to knocking your mind. Instead, the app development trend has also increased and exponentially, bringing out top app development evolutions. According to statistics, almost 3739 apps are launched every day in the play store. And more importantly, apps are being used almost daily by smartphone users.
That was the introductory part of mobile app development, and that’s not why you are here. So without taking any additional time, let’s get to it.
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In this blog, you’ll find the top 10 mobile app development companies that’ll help you build your dream venture, perfectly aligning your business and startup.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies

1 – Toptal

Toptal is a large and swiftly growing app development company, mainly comprised of systematically inspected skilled freelancers from all around the world. It was introduced by highly qualified and well-versed engineers who understand businesses and technologies from top to bottom and aim to deliver high-quality products from proficient mobile app developers. This very platform brought about a top app development evolution into the development strategies itself.
Additionally, Toptal examines tens and thousands of freelancers’ applications monthly, and from which it only recruits 3% of highly qualified applicants. It provides a vast range of mobile app development services from front-end to back-end with the transparent involvement of the project manager for ensuring high-quality products.

Toptal By Bullets:

  • End-to-end mobile app development
  • Work with top mobile app developers
  • Two weeks trial period prior to signing the final contract
  • Hand-picked professional mobile app developer for you

2 –

Second, we have one of the top app development companies with a solid and competent community of mobile app developers on our list., just like Toptal, find and screen talents and place them in their technical teams to yield high-quality products. With, you have leverage over your project builders – that is, you can meet and even choose app developers yourselves without even signing a contract first. Moreover, they claim to deliver products faster than at a speed of 2.5x to other outsources. Above all, on its website, they claim to be the best place for developers to find freelance and W2 engagements. By Bullets:

  • Highly Skilled and Certified Talent
  • US-based Community
  • Flexible Hiring Packages

3 – Gigster

When it comes to dynamic team creation globally, Gigster plays a vital role. To deliver extensive productivity to its client, this platform ensures customized tools and technology to achieve that. Moreover, Gigster allows you to hire experienced developers that have hands-on experiences with the latest technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, Data Science, and many others. Being agile itself, this platform boosts other companies by providing agility to prosper in this technological world.
On the bright side, this platform hires 1% of the best freelance developers from distinguished universities such as MIT, Caltech, and Stanford. Gigster does that to have a well-profiled look with 100% certified talents from influential firms.

Gigster By Bullets:

  • Recruits remarkable mobile app developers
  • Customized tools and technology for improved efficiency and productivity
  • Tested processes

4 – Hired

Another influential firm we have here is Hired. This platform claims to support more than 50 roles in 17 cities globally, including remote roles too. Like the above top-notch app development companies we have mentioned above, this platform searches a pool for well-versed talents online. Moreover, it guarantees leading-edge products with clients’ involvement and approval in the process. Furthermore, hired ensure real-world skill assessment upfront to its client to prove credibility.

Hired By Bullets:

  • Millions of vetted candidates
  • Remote hiring filters
  • Bias reduction mode
  • Live coding playback
  • Role-based assessments

5 – Cubix (Best Mobile App Development Company)

Cubix is among the fast-pacing, and well-settled enterprises recognized broadly by influential firms. It delivers result-driven products with high credibility and quality. Also, this platform has globally trusted clientele, including brands such as Tissot, Estee Lauder, Walmart, and Cannon. And which, by the way, are well-known for their quality affirmation. Cubix has high potential in delivering the needed products packed with leading-edge quality to its clients. It has brought about the top app development evolution since 2008 with a multitude of satisfied clients globally as its products have been recognized and remarked fitting and well-ordered by industry publications – Mashable, Buzzfeed, etc.

Cubix By Bullets:

  • One year free support
  • Raid strategy workshop
  • SharePoint development services
  • Award-winning mobile app developers
  • 24/7 communication from its development team
  • Notable Client portfolio featuring 500+ Companies

6 – Utility

Another renowned app development company that aims to deliver end-to-end app development services. And in the process, it also partners with clients to design and develop custom mobile apps, platforms, and experiences – which is quite refined. The utility was introduced by some highly skilled talent product development, appearing from an establishment such as McCann Erickson and Major League Baseball. These minds well-understood the digital transformation majorly taking place in the mobile app development sector and onboarded themselves to be a part of this revolutionary world. Moreover, its team has experience working with plenty of clients worldwide, favoring all kinds of business mindsets from well-known brands to startups.

Utility By Bullets:

  • Comprehensive industry experience, especially in custom app development
  • End-end app development solution
  • Impressive client portfolio

7 – Swenson He

In the beginning, this influential app development company was founded by two MIT graduates in 2014, although its very name consists of those two last names, Nick Swenson and Chao He. This platform delivers classy and stout app solutions along with vibrant UI/UX designs. Besides, it has been considered one of the full-services mobile app development companies globally. Swenson He also guides its clients to their custom app product to market with a broad ripple. For the client’s peace of mind, Swenson involves their clients in the product development life-cycle. Swenson indeed plays an essential role in bringing ideas to life with leading-edge ideas from origin to conclusion.

Swenson He By Bullets:

  • End-to-end mobile app development services
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Majorly Specialized in mobile app development

8 – Zco Corporation

Over 300 talents at Zco Corporation are chosen because of their pledge to quality and their remarkable skills. And among them lives skilled programmers, engineers, artists, and project managers where they conspire to give you what their clients need with quality and assurance, of course. Zco Corporation is very proficient in delivering web projects too. With its top app development evolution, in 2019, Clutch recognized Zco Corporation as the leading B2B company. Above all, it depends on delivering a cutting-edge solution that meets clients’ needs.

Zco Corporation By Bullets:

  • Ensure Agile App Development
  • Provide post-launch Support
  • Vast Industry Experience

9 – Fueled

An award-winning technology consultancy that offers to help businesses build mobile apps. As previously, it did and has won the App of Years award from Apple, and more importantly, they have even processed over 10 billion US Dollars in transactions by their mobile apps. Not only this, but they also help businesses grow to their full potential by offering full-fledged solutions with strategy speed-to-market tactics. Fueled has an excellent infrastructure and has further high capability to help beginning enterprises to boost their up.

Fueled By Bullets:

  • The first-class app development team
  • An award-winning custom app development corporation
  • Striking client portfolio

10 – DockYard

DockYard claims to transform your inkling into an industry-leading app for any platform. From product research to implementation, DockYard seems to handle it all significantly. As one of the most front-line app development companies, it has even acted on some of the notable brands such as Apple, Netflix, and Nasdaq. Also, it delivers high-quality products with an efficient testing and quality assurance team that knocks any lingering bugs in them before the imminent launch.

DockYard By Bullets:

  • Enthusiastic development team
  • Clients with brands association
  • Highly specialized in web app development

Wrap Up for best Mobile App Development Companies

All those above are the renowned app development companies in 2021 listed orderly. They are pretty much famous for delivering a high-quality product to their well-deserved clients and giving rise to the top app development evolution in this digital-driven world.
In this day and age, finding the right mobile app development firm, one that absolutely identifies your needs and align with your business can be tedious at times.
But hopefully, this article has the best app development companies that struggle significantly to meet your needs on many levels and offer a multitude of radical services. For that, you can choose Toptal or Cubix to help make your dream come true.

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