About Us

We at TLW (The Logical World) loves to discuss issues, topics, and incidents logically on a daily basis. We just want to put our part in making this world a better place for everyone around us. The stories and articles from the TLW can create feelings of happiness, joy, and sometimes grief as well.

If we can be able to spark a single individual that can make any positive impact in the world, we believe we have done our part.

Our ambitious team focuses on providing relevant stories that can connect with the readers instead of getting the views by spreading sensation.

We always welcome suggestions, the difference of opinions and even criticism. Moreover, TLW provides a platform for everyone to have an open discussion on matters that really deserves the attention of people across the globe. 

At TLW we discourage religious political and territorial inclination. Besides, always try to create an environment of empathy and harmony.

We pay attention to every area that affects the grace of this beautiful world. Let’s make a collective effort in creating an environment where everyone can feel comfortable. Furthermore, we pray that we can spread positivity, confidence, education, and awareness to our readers.