What is Reddit? User Guide that Makes Reddit Easy to Use

According to Reddit itself, it is the “front page of the internet”. But still many of us do not even know about it. Only those who spend a lot of time on the internet and are busy socializing on it have an idea about this wonderful platform. 

However, Reddit is widely used and followed in the United States. It is the sixth popular site in America and 18th ranked worldwide. People love their time here and share their lives with others.

The reason behind its unpopularity is its strict rules and relatively difficult use. When compared to other common social media platforms, Reddit is a more serious and sober platform that allows similar minded people to interact with each other. 

So the question arises here that What is Reddit? How it is used? How to get it started? I will be explaining each and every aspect of it in this article.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media platform where people interact in different communities while stating anonymous to other users. It has a huge collection of communities made by other like minded people. You join these communities as per your thoughts, needs, and mind. These communities are called ‘subreddits’.

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What are Subreddits?

The subreddits are the platforms made by other users. These communities are run by moderators, who are responsible for community rules and behaviors. These moderators approve or reject any post as per community guidelines given at the side of every subreddit. Many communities allow you one post daily with rules like no fake posts, the spread of racism, bad comments, etc.

The communities are named as /r/community name. ‘/r/’ is the part of the Reddit URL. For example community for sports like football will be named as /r/football, /r/soccer, etc. More different subreddits exist like for example /r/aww for cute photos and videos, /r/MMA for mix martial arts lovers, etc.   

The post and comments are then upvoted and downvoted by other community members which affect your Karma.

What is Karma?

Karma is the score of the profile that shows the activeness of the user. Moreover, it is the point score that tells the rate of the relevance of the user. For example, if a user posts according to community standards and mindset, the post will be liked or upvoted by the other community members. Similarly, if someone posts an irrelevant and unpleasant post the community will dislike it decreasing the karma point.

You may say the Karma point system is the most powerful tool of Reddit that makes it more interesting. It pushes you to remain active and post the best you have. You always put effort and enjoy the time while watching the best posts by others. 

The most upvoted post of the community or subreddit automatically makes it to the top. Some communities even don’t allow you to post or comment if you have fewer karma points. Moreover, you can also make your own community (subreddit).

How to Make Subbreddit?

To make your own subreddit, the platform allows only those who meet certain criteria. Which includes a Reddit account, minimum account age of 30 days, a certain amount of karma points and you must be really active for that. 

To have a Reddit account means you can always use limited Reddit without having an account. So for further use, you must have an account on it. 

The number of karma points needs to own a subreddit is only known to Reddit. The number is not too high but still unknown to anyone outside the admins. 

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What if Reddit Suspends Your Account?

The admins are the most powerful people that are Reddit employees. They can block, cancel, or remove anyone or any post if it does not comply with the rules. In the case of blockage, you still have a chance to ask them for help. 

Many times, if you haphazardly or keep on joining communities, doing comments, and posting a lot, Reddit warns you. There will be a message from them that you are doing too much. You need to stop there and take a rest. But if you further do this, Reddit ban you from posting or suspend your account. This is due to the algorithm which thinks that you are fake and breaking the rules.

Still, if you think you have not done anything wrong, you can ask for help from the admins to restore your account. In this case, you tell the story of your side, and if they want they will allow you to give access. 

But if Reddit ever suspends your account permanently, you will never do anything again. In this situation, you have to sign up again from another email account. 

Sometimes, a subreddit bans you for posting irrelevant or stuff that is against community standards. In this situation many times you will have no chance of going back again. Restrict yourself and bound to community guidelines, especially for large major communities. In this way, your journey on Reddit will be quite enjoyable. 

What is Award System?

Sometimes users award each other for the post that they really enjoyed or something good for others. These awards cost Reddit coins to the giver. You have to buy these coins from Reddit. The amount will go for community support.

What is Reddit Premium?

 The awards and premium accounts are for community support purposes. Reddit offers a premium account for $6 per month. Premium users have access to many communities and features that are inaccessible by normal users. 

Premium users do not see ads so enjoy time without distraction. Moreover, the premium account comes with a regular supply of coins to give awards. There is no need to buy coins to give awards if you have a premium account.

Furthermore, premium users have access to the most premium and secret Reddit community. /r/lounge is the community with some of the brightest minds to engage with them. This is to get benefits from each other’s experience, contacts, knowledge, etc.

Importantly, Reddit is the platform to build and interact with communities according to your interests. Spend time on it like you are with your friends, mates, or fellows. Be mindful, to the point, and respectful with other people. As you are unknown doesn’t mean to show non-serious attitude and behavior. 

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How to Use Reddit?

 If you think that Reddit is your type of thing or a platform you love to join, learn how to use it. 

You can just go through the feed on the main page if you don’t have an account. To access further and enjoy its features first of all signup.

Signing up is very easy, you can simply sign up with your email. Put your email and password, the site will ask you for your name you want to use on Reddit. Moreover, it will also provide you with suggestions. It is upon you to select one from suggestion or write your own. Make sure it should not be your original name. 

When you sign in, Reddit will ask you to confirm your email address. You have to do this by going to your email and by clicking the link in the email sent by Reddit.

Reddit will provide you with the list of the most common Reddit communities. Select from them as per your interests and proceed forward to the home screen.

After that following screen will come infront of you:

Reddit Homepage
Home Page of Reddit Account

On top right corner of the screen your name is displayed with karma points and avatar.

What is Avatar?

Avatar is an artistic picture of you just like a profile picture on other social media platforms. You can build your own avatar. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on your displayed name.
  2. A slide down list will open 
  3. Select the ‘style your avatar’ option
  4. A smaller window will open, click continue.
  5. Style options will come in front of you.
Make Your Avatar at Reddit
Make Your Avatar
  1. Select your style, hair, facial hairstyle, dress, etc. 
  2. You can also change the color of skin, hair, and clothes
  3. Once you are satisfied click save.
  4. You have now your own avatar.

How to Get Karma on Reddit?

Karma points are shown just under your name. At the start, you have zero karma points. You will then join communities, put your posts there, and do comments on the posts of other members. If someone likes your post or comment, they will upvote you. They can also downvote if they feel. 

The number of upvotes minus downvotes make the karma points. You will get posts and comment karma points separately.

There are many communities and subreddits, that are made just to give karma to new people. Join them, contribute to that community, and get your karma points. 

In the beginning, it may be a bit difficult and confusing for you to post in different communities. With time, as you learn and spend more time on Reddit, you will get an insight into many other ways to enjoy your time.

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How to post in Subreddits?

Subreddits allow you to post your stuff there. But that should be according to the guidelines set by community moderators. To do post in any community, you should first read community rules. After that, check whether your post is in accordance with that rule or not? I yes, click on create a post and add images, text, or link there and then click post. 

Every post first goes to the moderators, most of them are bots that automatically approve or reject your post. 

Bottom Line:

Reddit is a community of people anonymous to each other. They may live far away from each other yet have a similar mindset and interests. Many face similar daily problems, situations, and issues. 

You must be respectful to everyone there and must make your time valuable on that platform. 

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