What is Global Warming? Effects on our Environment

Climate change is one of the most important concerns of the time. One of the main reason is global warming. Planet earth is being ruined during the last century due to vast scale industrialization. Industrialists keep on establishing manufacturing plants without taking the environment in their minds. At last, when they realized 2-3 decades ago, they are already late. However, it is a saying that it’s never late to do something better. We still have time to spread awareness about pollution, deforestation, emissions, etc. It is important to tell our future generations about environmental protection. This article will touch on one main reason for climate change that is global warming, its causes, and effects.

What is Global Warming?

It is defined as an increase in the temperature of the planet earth due to human activities like industrialization, deforestation, carbon emissions, and the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the major contributor to global warming. The greenhouse gases are entrapped near the earth’s surface forming a blanket around the earth. It then traps heat under that blanket causing increase in surface temperature. 

Effects on Environment:

Global warming is one of the major causes of climate change. In the previous fifty years, the temperature of the earth increases very fast. Some research says that an increase in temperature during the past half-century is way much when compared with the whole time span of earth. 

The increase in temperature causes glaciers to melt, fires, ill-timed rains, etc. The jungle fires in California and Argentina are also because of climate change. Moreover, rain timings are also changes which affect the crops. Many times rain storms destroy ready to cultivate crops. In the future, it may cause a food shortage, and humans will suffer in the end.  

Save Planet from Global Warming
Save Planet from Global Warming

It is time to show by actions and take some real steps to protect the earth from global warming. It is the responsibility of lawmakers and environmentalists to make laws to protect the planet earth.