What are Streaks on Snapchat? Beginner’s Guide

Snapchat is a social networking platform that is extremely popular among teenagers and youngsters. The app allows you to chat with your connections and friends in terms of videos, pictures, and snaps. In this way, you can keep your friends aware of your daily activities, achievements, and even problems. You can create a streak by regularly sharing your images and videos. Now the question arises, ‘what are the streaks on Snapchat?’.

The article will provide you information about streaks. Along with that it also gives information about how to get one and keep it going and increase the streak number. 

What are Streaks on Snapchat?

You and your Snapchat friend chat a video or an image in 24 hours for at least three consecutive days. This makes a streak. With each day they send a snap their streak gets longer. In this way, it creates a curiosity to make long streaks to share with friends. This is an extremely creative way to keep people regular on a platform.  

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What is the Streak Number? How do you know the Volume of Streaks?

Once the streak is started, a number and a flame will appear next to the name of the friend you streak with. The number shows the number of days you kept the streak going. 

Usually, users do not want to break the streaks and keep on increasing the numbers. Isn’t it interesting? Yes, it is. It will make such a habit that will compel you to keep on interacting with friends. 

How do We Keep on Going the Streaks?

To keep the streak going, send at least one image or a video every day to that connection. It should be noted here that text chats do not count towards your streaks. If you see an hourglass next to your streak, it means your streak is going to expire soon. Make sure to send your snap as soon as possible to keep the streak going. 

What Makes Streaks Interesting for Young People?

The young people usually have feelings of competition and keeping the friendship bond. They usually use a number of artificial ways to express these feelings. Similarly, streaks are one of these ways. 

The Snapchat streaks create a sense of competition and friendship bond. Youngsters show each other about their streak numbers with different people to show their strength of friendship. 

On the other hand, it also makes them regularly as they have a fear of breaking the streaks.

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