Top 8 Qualities of a Good Leader

We come across many leaders in our daily life. Whether it is a company manager, a political leader, or an inspirational one they must all have some leadership qualities. Being at the position of a leader is a separate thing and having qualities of a good leader is something else. 
The leader has some charisma in its personality that gives confidence to the other people. The John C Maxwell said

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”

Anyone can become a leader by developing some leadership qualities and attributes. Becoming a leader is feeling the responsibility of the others and taking everyone together. 

In our daily lives, we come across many business owners, bosses, and managers that we usually hate to work with. This is because of the lack of qualities of a leader in them. Working and developing skills and qualities of a leader can help you to become successful in life. Here are some top qualities of a great leader:

1. Clarity of a Vision:

One of the basic qualities of an effective leader is vision. The leader must be clear about the vision and the way forward. If there is a lack of clarity in vision, how can he/she be able to communicate it to others? This will help others to decide whether to follow or leave. 
The leader always imagines big and set small goals to achieve the vision. 

2. Self Determination:

There is a saying that ’You only lose when you give up’ and the leader never gives up. To become a  leader you have to face resistance. No one has ever achieved if they haven’t faced failure and disappointments. To achieve anything in life you have to be prepared to take on the odds.
Whenever you have told that ‘if you don’t do as the Romans do you will not succeed’,  a leader never accepts that. In this way, the leader can discover internal strength. The more you fight for your goal the more strong you become. Taking easy options is not the leader’s way. A leader must not take the trodden path. 
Almighty has given all of us tremendous internal strength which lies within us. You can only discover that strength when you put yourself up against resistance. 
Crisis in the life of a leader becomes an opportunity to evaluate yourself and your mistakes. Leader corrects that and then stand again stronger than ever with motivation. Whatever you can dream you can achieve it. If you can visualize something, you can achieve it. 

3. Truthfulness:

Truthfulness comes in the top 3 qualities of a leader. You must have to be trustworthy so that people focus on achieving goals instead of worrying about their future. Moreover, if others think that their leader will never leave them alone and will never lie to them, they will always accept everything. Only honest people can develop transparency in the system and this leads to sustainable growth. 
Leaders are always blunt enough to give their feedback with honesty. That’s why people always value their words.

4. Empathy:

You can only realize the difficulties of others by putting yourself in their shoes. So the leadership demands a sense of empathy toward others. 
On the other hand dictators always only give orders without knowing the reasons. So they always lack to develop a bond with their followers. 
Irrespective of this the leader always listens to the actual situation and behaves accordingly. 

5. Good Communicator:

How can you become a leader if you cannot convey your message loud and clear? So the leader must be a good communicator so that his followers know about the vision, goals, and instructions of their head. 
I always admire the president of United States Donald Trump for his communication skills. He always uses to communicate in the language that common man can understand. Mr. Trump never uses difficult words, references of constitution, and rules. He always develops a connection with the listener. That’s why his election campaigns and rallies were always fun to attend. 

6. Decision Maker:

A confused man can neither take decisions and nor be a good leader. You should listen to everyone but have to choose for yourself and follow the decision-making model.
It is a fact that it is not in your hand to only make the right decisions. You only have to take them with all of your thinking, sense, and options. 

7. Inspiring:

 A leader must have a charm in the personality that can inspire others. So that people can follow the way he speaks, dresses, walk, and even lead. 
In hard times of a struggle, your followers will always look after you. They watch your reaction to the situation. At that time if you can inspire them with positive thinking and handle the situation well, they will surely never leave you. 
In this way, you are also working on the temperament of your followers to face hard times. So if your words can lift the spirits while making them dream and learn more, you can surely inspire them to achieve their goals.

8. Humbleness:

Confidence with humbleness is the best combination a leader should have. However, humbleness doesn’t mean leniency toward wrongs. Instead, it means not to be arrogant after achieving something and taking credits for it. A leader always acknowledge others to boost their confidence
Developing these leadership qualities you can surely register yourself in the list of successful leaders around the globe. Furthermore, you can learn these skills with time. Thus the only way forward is to focus on your behavior and try to raise the level of people around you. Many leaders around the globe have led their people to economic and social success.
The greatest of all leaders Prophet Muhammad (SAW) led his followers to such a huge success. Starting from scratch the religion Islam is the second most followed religion in this world.
I don’t know how many future leaders are reading this but I am sure this will provide you with a sense of leadership qualities.