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Product Hunting Tools For Amazon

Amazon business is one of the most suitable businesses for people from all domains. It is an online platform that allows everyone to sell products to customers. Moreover, it is easy to manage your online store on Amazon especially if you are doing FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon). However, the most important and difficult step is to find the right product to sell. Here, one has to work extensively to find the product that has sale potential. As Amazon is such a large platform so it is almost impossible to find a product manually by searching one by one. That’s why people use product hunting tools for Amazon to hunt the best products to sell.

Product Hunting Tools For Amazon

There are different software available in the online market that use APIs to get data from Amazon. Amazon allows them to get data about products, their search volume, reviews, ratings, etc. Using that data these software provides various information and opinions about products and their sale potential. Usually, the data from the authenticity of data varies from 70-90 and 95%. But still, we get a major overview of the products. 

Moreover, one can search for various products as per requirement and marketplace. You can select your criteria for a product and market where you want to sell. In this way, you come up with multiple products to study further. Furthermore, some software also provides multiple utility tools that will help further in making listings and managing amazon seller central account.    

Here we discuss some of the most widely used product hunting tools for Amazon. One can hunt products from anywhere else through different techniques but still, you need to use these tools to get further data.

Merchant Words

The Merchant Words is a tool used to get information about the monthly search volume of the product on Amazon. This means that how many times people search for that particular keyword of the product on the platform. For new sellers, nobody wants to sell a product that has no or very little demand. Everyone prefers to sell a product with high demand and low competition. There is no hard and fast rule that how much search volume should be. It varies from market to market, your marketing budget, and your risk-taking ability. Those who want to play safe prefer a very high search volume. 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is one of the important and widely used tools for product searching. From Jungle Scout one can get information about sale data of competitors. It tells about daily/monthly sales, reviews, ratings, price, average price, revenues, and their averages of all the competitors. It tells about the products Amazon is selling itself and information about sellers doing FBM and FBA. Furthermore, it also gives an opportunity score with a suggestion to the product using its own AI. The greater the score the product has more chances to sell. But you have to check all other factors too. 

You can select your desired market place and get the ASINs(Amazon Standard Identity Number) of your competitors. So that you can check details of them personally by visiting Amazon. Moreover, you can get the first date of listing and BSR (Best Seller Rank).  

Helium 10

Helium 10 is the most authentic and widely used and recommended tool for product hunting. This is because of its authenticity and variety of tools that can help you throughout from product searching to managing Amazon seller central account. Moreover, it has a variety of sub-tools having their own utilities in the course of the whole process. Various tools in Helium 10 are:

Black Box

In this tool, we tell our criteria about the product like category, min-max monthly revenue,  price, review count, ratings, shipping size, etc. The tool then provides you with various product suggestions. Here you get keyword ideas of products. You can open these keywords from Amazon search and get further ideas about the product and their ASINs.


Put ASIN and your desired keyword in this tool. It will provide you sales trends of the product over a certain time period. You can check the sales trend for a whole year to check the seasonality of the product. This also helps you further in inventory management. 


As the name indicates magnet is the tool that collects the related keywords of a product or ASIN. 


This tool is used to do the reverse ASIN of any product. It means it gets the history of the product and its keywords. Moreover, it will provide you with the filtered keywords, Cerebro score, search volume, Sponsored adds, CPR 8 days give away, match type, Amazon recommended rank, sponsored and organic rank, etc. It gives Cerebro IQ score which is good if high. You can export your desired keywords from here to Frankenstein.


This tool is used to organize and refine the keywords coming from Cerebro. You can separate each word, remove spaces, remove duplicates and single words, etc. Afterwards, you can copy these keywords to scribbles or anywhere to make listings.


Here you can create listings by using desired keywords coming from Frankenstein. It will give you auto suggestions, information about how many time you use specific keywords in that listing. It helps you not to overload listing with keywords. 

Index Checker

After listing of keyword, when you provide your keyword to this tool, it tells you whether your product is indexed at that keyword or not. So you can get the performance of your keyword with time. 

Keyword Tracker

After launching the product, you put your keyword here and keep on checking the performance of your keyword on daily basis. Moreover, it tells you about organic rank and ranking of your ASIN against that keyword.

Inventory Protector

It limits the buyer to buy up to certain quantity to protect your inventory from getting out of stock. There is a possibility that if some retailer smells about the good price of your product, it can order in bulk quantity. In this way, you can run out of stock which affects your ranking.

Refund Genie

It keeps the track record or any warehouse damage of your product. This is because Amazon has to pay for any damage that occurs due to their fault. So when you have multiple products you cannot manage them manually. This tool helps you to make monthly reports automatically and show your pending reimbursements from Amazon. 


It automatically alerts you when any hijacker attacks your product and listing.


Check spelling mistakes of your keywords. 

Viral Launch

The Viral launch is used to check market prediction, opportunity score, and seasonality of the product. It tells you about the brand, title, category, BSR, monthly search volume, product listing date, etc. 

One thing should be noted here again, that these product hunting tools for Amazon are just to get an idea about a product. One has to work extensively and check manually through many other platforms about such products. Moreover, none of these tools is free and has monthly subscriptions.

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