How to Hunt Product on Amazon in 2021

How to Hunt Product on Amazon in 2021

The tip for making money online is how to hunt product on amazon that is in high demand but less competition. In fact, this can be said for anyone who wants to sell stuff online. This is classic economics in the amazon marketplace, you want to position yourself with high demand and low supply. You want to be able to capture current demand as soon as possible.
We have all the information you need to identify that needle in a haystack in the Amazon catalog. It contains millions of things to search through. There are a few crucial aspects to keep in mind. You’ll be able to choose the best private label products to sell if you follow broad criteria.

5 tips on how to hunt product on amazon:

1. Retail price ranges from $25 to $50 USD.

We noticed that this pricing range allows us to easily pay direct expenditures such as Amazon fees, cost of items sold, and advertising expenses. If you charge more than $50, your conversion rate–the percentage of individuals who view your product and decide to buy it–decreases.

2. There is little seasonality in hunting products on amazon:

We’re looking for things that can be sold all year round, not simply during certain seasons. The Chrome Extension includes the Google Trend Report, which can be used to spot seasonal sales surges that can be avoided.

3. Top sellers:

Once you are looking to hunt product on amazon, we recommend you to go for top resellers, as they have already optimized the product accordingly to a buyer’s persona.

4. It’s small and light:

Importing through the air is considerably faster and easier, therefore you want something that won’t be too pricey.

5. Can be improved:

You can use customer feedback from your competitors’ product reviews to improve and improve your own product.

6. It’s simple to make your product hunt precise:

You don’t want to have any issues with quality control or manufacturing. If at all possible, stay away from glass, electronics, and extremely sophisticated to hunt products on amazon.