How to Use Instagram?

Instagram is a graphical platform that is completely different from Facebook in the sense that Facebook uses both text and graphics. While from Twitter, the main difference is that Twitter only uses text. The core purpose of Instagram is to share photos and videos with your followers. The visual graphics makes it better for marketing and personal accounts. However, many people still do not know how to use Instagram. This article will give you insight into its use for different purposes.

Make an Instagram Account:

  • Open  in your browser, or download the app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • You can both fill the form and login from Facebook (In case you have a Facebook account) and click ‘Sign Up.’ Do the same to sign up for android and iPhone apps.
  • Enter the email, user name, and password and then fill profile form to set up your profile 
  • Set up profile Picture
  • Instagram is ready for use.

Further, you can follow other people and pages. Moreover, one can add new pictures and post stories daily. 

How to Use Instagram for Business:

You can use Instagram for business purposes, for example, Insta account of your shop, product, or services. You either have to form a new business account or, if you already have an Insta account, you just have to switch it to a business account.  If you don’t have an account first build the personal account an then follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your existing account that you want to switch it to a business account.
  2. Go to your profile by tapping the profile icon.
  3. At the top of the screen, there is a three-line icon. Tap it and go to settings
  4. From there, tap the switch to a business account and then continue.
  5. Better to connect your Insta business account with other social media accounts
  6. You must add contact information with an email address, phone number, and physical address.
  7. You are done and enjoy your business Instagram account.

First of all, work on your target audience to get maximum reach. Use hashtags and paid campaigns to increase your reach.
Another essential thing to do is to post the stuff regularly.  In this way, Instagram increases your reach and prefer your account.

How to Use Insta for Marketing:

There are multiple ways to use Instagram for marketing purposes. 
The first way is to develop your profile and get maximum followers. Once you get enough followers, brands and businesses contact you to market their products. You will get paid for posting about products and services from your profile. 
The second way is that if you are a brand or have a business profile, then you can market your products by uploading sponsored adds. In this case, you have to pay to Instagram for a certain number of reach and followers. In this method, you can also contact different Instagram followers and Instagram celebrities to market your products and services. 
You can also add teasers of your products with compelling images. The teasers will force your customers to buy. Use Instagram stories for this purpose. The Insta stories are a great way to engage the audience.
Coming up with an interactive brand, the hashtag also serves the purpose of the marketing point of you. These people love to use such hashtags, which will positively affect your profile. 

How to Use the Insta Hashtags:

Hashtags can help your posts to reach the specific targeted audience. Follow these steps to use hashtags:

  1. Upload a photo or a video
  2. Do frame setting and add filter (if required)
  3. Write a caption and add hashtags after #. Use tags relevant to your post.

How to Use Instagram Stories:

Stories are related to your daily activities and products (in case of a business account). You can keep your audience aware of your everyday life and new products and services. To use Instagram stories, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the top left of your feed
  2. Swipe right on the screen 
  3. Tap the bottom to record a video or photo and add effects if you want
  4. You can also add photos and videos from your phone gallery.