How to Take Screenshot on Laptop in Different Ways?

Sometimes we have to save something from our screens. It may be an image, within the video, information, etc. Such an image is called a screenshot. In this article, I will try to discuss how to take a screenshot on the laptop.  

Whether your requirement is a whole screen or a part of it, you have to first take a screenshot of the whole image and then crop the desired part from it.

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How to take Screenshot:

  1. To capture screen at a certain point, press ‘PrtScr’, most of the time located at the top right corner of the laptop. 
  2. In some keyboards, you need to press the function key long and while pressing has to press the ‘PrtScr’ key.
  3. This will copy your image.
  4. Now paste this in any software like paint, Office, Illustrator, etc.

Furthermore, there are ways to take screenshots to save files, open windows, etc. But for now, it is better to make this simple. Practice taking screenshots of your laptop.

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