How to Start Selling on Amazon? Step By Step Guide – Ecommerce

Amazon is the largest online selling market place in the world, allows everyone to sell products on its platform. The company develops such a strong system that it incorporates any willing seller. Moreover, all these sales and purchase processes are totally under the tax net of the respective country. This makes the system legal and pure for everyone to use. That’s why creating an account on Amazon and start selling is not such an easy task. It involved several processes and a procedure to follow. So the most important question is how to start selling on Amazon?

Step By Step Process of Selling on Amazon:

Following are the steps involved in starting an Amazon FBA business. It is a lengthy process just like starting any other small business. It also includes company registration and dealing with all the legal processes of taxes and others. So first of all one has to understand the overview of the whole starting process. Afterward in upcoming articles, I will try to cover one by one process in detail. All these processes need to be learned before jumping into this new business world.

  1. Company registration (At the country from where you are starting this business):
  2. Create Amazon account (Sellers account)
  3. Product searching (Searching of Product you want to Sell) 
  4. Searching of suppliers or manufacturers of the selected product
  5. Negotiation with the supplier 
  6. Finalizing everything from price, manufacturing time, shipment process, etc 
  7. Sample checking 
  8. Placing your first order to the supplier
  9. Creating your first shipment
  10. Barcode application for your product
  11. Sending stock of your product to Amazon FBA facility
  12. Making your Product Listing
  13. Uploading of Listing
  14. Product photography as per Amazon requirements
  15. Optimization of Listing
  16. Keywords searching for optimization
  17. Advertising Your Product (After FBA received your Stock)
  18. Pay per click advertising
  19. Reading reports about the performance of your keywords
  20. Conversion rate 
  21. Cost of sale – Cost per click 
  22. Impressions of your products
  23. Sales reports reading
  24. Second-order to supplier way before getting out of stock
  25. Payment transfer from Amazon to you
  26. Enjoy your profits from Selling on Amazon

Learning each of these processes of selling on Amazon is a whole task. I will suggest you to, first of all, absorb these processes and try to understand their complexities and requirements. Moreover, which process comes first and which comes next is mostly based on the management style and the product itself. In further articles, I will provide information about each process.