How to Quickly Lose Weight?

We want to have a body that looks cool and fit. But the world is full of tasty food and flavors that hinders our struggle of having a great body. Not every one of us can do regular exercise and complete diet control throughout our life. We need to quickly lose weight and keep ourselves away from the struggle.

Although quick weight loss methods work but sometimes they affect negatively on the body. Short term and intense eating plans will show results but once the program ends the weight will come back. They aren’t a healthy and long term solution. This is more effective in a scenario when you have to lose weight for a certain event.

Instead of a quick weight loss program, it is recommended to take a longer path with a diet plan and a workout and make a habit for the rest of your life.

Take Controlled Diet:

Eating fewer carbs and high protein food to lose weight within a few weeks. In fact, this is the most effective way that can show results in a short time.  

When you take low carb food it reduces water weight in your body and improves health. Furthermore, take high protein food because it will increase metabolism and reduce appetite. Remove starchy carbs and sugar from your diet and increase protein content. Take vegetables, eggs, meat, and fish.

Eat Less Junk Food:

Avoid junk foods instead take more whole foods. The whole foods are easy to digest while junk food remains in the body for more time. Avoid highly processed foods and take simple one organic food. 

By doing this you can always take fewer calories without getting hungry.

Try Fasting:

Fasting is a process in which you take intermittent food breaks and consume meals in shorter time periods during a day. But this doesn’t mean that eating too much at once after taking such food breaks.

You can make your schedule to follow for fasting. Options may be of alternative days fasting or twice in a week. Follow your pattern and eat healthy food to have energy in the body.

Never Eat to Full Capacity:

There is a saying that divides your appetite into three parts. One for food, next for water, and remaining for air. But we have a habit of eating to out full capacity. This makes our stomach to take more time to digest and slow down our metabolism. 

Divide your meal in such a way to eat smaller portions maybe 4-5 times a day. Don’t full your tummy.

Exercise Daily:

Fat needs heat to burn. So make a routine to exercise or walk daily. By having a controlled diet and daily exercise, you will start feeling the difference from the very next day. 

Those who spend there the whole time in an air-conditioning environment must perform exercises or yoga. 

Once you reach your desired weight you just need to follow one rule. Eat only what you can absorb in your daily routine or exercise more to absorb what you eat. This is basically tracking your diet and exercise to maintain balance.

Take Fibers:

Unlike starch and sugars, fibrous foods do not digest in the small intestine. Using such foods will provide you feeling of fullness, hence leads to weight loss. 

Such foods may include nuts and beans, fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breakfast, etc.

Sleep Well at Night:

Sleeping less than 5-6 hours during the night can increase obesity. Research shows that during sleep your body converts calories to energy more quickly. It means sleep improves metabolism. Poor metabolism forces the body to store unused energy as fat. This will also increase insulin and cholesterol levels in the body. 

Long time sleep also enhance appetite control hormones and improves our immune system.

Take Less Stress:

Stress increases the release of such hormones that decrease appetite. According to the research, participating in a stress control program can result in the reduction of body mass index.

You can release stress by doing yoga, martial arts, sports, outdoor activities, hiking, trekking, visiting hilly areas, spending some time out of work and daily routine, etc.

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Be Active in Daily Routine:

Being active will provide you a chance to burn extra calories. 

Prefer to walk for small distances and skip the motor ride. Take the stairs to go up and down instead of lifts. Clean your place yourself and do your own work. 

Reduce Water Retention:

Water retention in the body leads to weight gain. We should work to drop water weight to appear leaner and lighter. 

Drink more coffee because it leads to less water retention. Another way is to take supplements.

Healthy Fats:

Some fats are healthy. So don’t hesitate to take them as they are important for the body. Eat low carb low-fat food. For example olive oil, butter, coconut and avocado oil, etc.

What to Drink?

Drink water before meals and stop using that in between and especially after meals. Before meals mean half or fewer hours prior to eating. 

Drink tea or coffee as caffeine increase metabolism. 

Don’t take sugary drinks like carbonated soft drinks and juices.

Bottom Line:

There are no healthy shortcuts to weight loss. The best way is to balance your diet with daily exercise and activities. Make a habit to spend a healthy life without medical complications. Quick fixes are always health compromised.   

Another issue in short term weight loss is that such loss is due to loosing of retained water. Once you start eating a normal diet again you will again gain weight.

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