How to Monetize Youtube? Get Paid on Youtube & Make Money

Youtube is one of the best platforms for content creators. It provides an opportunity to post videos and make money if loved by visitors. It allows companies and advertisers to play ads in between the videos. Youtube pays a portion of that money to those channels. Here is the beginner’s guide to learn how to monetize youtube to get paid.  

How to Make Money on Youtube?

Before starting monetization, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements. You need to complete the following pre-reqs before turning the monetization on:

  1. Obliged with Youtube terms and conditions
  2. Have an Adsense account
  3. Minimum 1000 channel subscribers
  4. At least 4000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months

Make sure that you have fulfilled all the above requirements before entering into the Youtube partner program (YPP). You must not use Copywrite material, photos, videos, audios, etc which are against the terms and conditions. 

One can earn from multiple streams from your channel. You can earn from ads, super chat & super stickers, channel memberships, Youtube premiums, merch, private advertisements, etc.

What to do if Youtube Rejects You for YPP?

If Youtube rejects your application for monetization you don’t need to worry. Usually, it provides you with the general reason for rejection. However, you as a channel owner can have a clue where the problem is. Resolve the issue and apply again within 30 days. 

How to Monetize Youtube Videos?

Once Youtube allow you to put adds, follow these steps to turn on the monetization. 

  1. Sign in to your channel and Go to Youtube Studio to select videos from the menu on the left side
  2. Select videos on which you want to show adds
  3. Select monetization from the edit drop-down box
  4. Click On in the monetization box
  5. For multiple videos, perform this process for all those videos
  6. Then click Update videos

Once your ad starts playing on your videos, you will be getting dollars for views and clicks, as per Youtube payment policy.