How to Make a Website?

Everyone can make a website in the current time, without knowing web development, coding, and design. Nowadays, a large number of free tools are available to serve the primary purpose. There is no need to spend money on site development from agencies and website builders. You just need some hours of work daily to follow steps for the new site development. 
Moreover, many available sites make websites for you after you provide the necessary information. You must have a clear vision of what you want to achieve from your site before starting it. 
Simple following steps can help you make your websites:

Register Domain Name for Website:

First of all, you need to have a secure domain name relevant to your idea. Domain name creates a great impact on people visiting your website. 
You can use GoDaddy or any other website-name selling platform to get registered domain names for your website.

Website Hosting:

The second step is that you need web hosting to put your website on it. You can easily get this from web hosting service providers available online like, etc. 
Without hosting you will be unable to make your own site. It will be better to get a paid hosting for your website as it will be more reliable.

Set a WordPress Site:

Once you have done with domain and hosting you can start creating your site. WordPress is by far the most renowned site development tool to create a site. It is used by more than 35% of sites on the internet.

Design and Structure:

Customize your own design and structure of your site. You can add available WordPress themes to your site. There are thousands of free and paid themes for your websites.

Pages and Content:

Create different pages according to the requirement of your content or service. Start making content and arrange them in different pages.
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