How to Improve the Immune System Using Natural Foods to Fight the Coronavirus Life Cycle?

to improve the immune system

Coronavirus is spreading fastener than before. Coronavirus live update shows more than 150k new cases daily all over the globe. There are chances of catching coronavirus anywhere anytime. So it is better to improve the immune system to fight with this disease.

How Immune system works?

We should make a habit of healthy food eating instead of eating junk and other routine food. There are many immune system boosting foods which should be preferred. Immune system function in a way that it resists the attack of the disease on our body setup. The immune system is the collection of such complex cells that defends our system from the strike of viruses. Everyone asks these days, what healthy food to eat?
There are various blogs that suggest the use of vitamin D and C, Zinc, and different essential oils. But is this that simple? The answer is no. The immune system is very complex and there are chances of damage to other components while helping some of them. So it is advised to use essentials carefully to get maximum benefits.

Age Dependency

It may also depend on your health condition and age. Maybe if you are aged and have previous complications, you should have to use supplements in different ways. You should take care that it may not affect you more negatively. However, for young people, mostly this virus only show mild symptoms. So we all should take supplements or food carefully according to our situation.
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Foods to Eat

The foods that contain Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc really help to improve the immune system. Food like elderberry, medicinal mushrooms, egg yolks, etc is better than taking supplements. 
immune system booster
We devised a plan to get yourself ready and provide you with healthy food choices. You should drink warm water, not a normal one, almost 10 glasses of water daily. If you feel throat irritation, use 1 pinch of neem leaf powder. Take vitamin tablet and Casia Senna leaves green tea once in a week. 

Daily Plan

The daily plan is divided into 3 parts. The daily routine consists of intaking foodstuff at 8 AM, 3 PM, and 10 PM.

8 AM

Take green tea of lemon, honey, ginger, and cinnamon. 
Take a soup (yakhni) in a half-liter of water with ginger garlic paste, pepper, pink salt, and turmeric.
4 black seeds.
1 calcium tablet in water.
2 dates.
1 time a day milkshake

3 PM 

Take green tea of lemon, honey, ginger, and cinnamon. 
The steam of black seeds for 5 minutes.
Take a soup (yakhni) in a half-liter of water with ginger garlic paste, pepper, pink salt, and turmeric.
4 Black seeds
2 dates
Fresh juice

8 PM

The steam of black seeds for 5 minutes.
2 dates
Fresh juice
1 cup ensure with 6 spoons in water
This routine will help in boosting the immune system. All the tablets in addition to this can be used with the consultation of a doctor. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you are still corona negative you should work to improve your body’s defense system. If you are corona positive you should give continuous support to the system to fight the disease as early as possible. 
In addition to this, you should not take any tension and stress. The stress surely affects negatively on natural systems. Daily exercise can also help the body and it releases tension. Moreover, try to sleep well to rest your body.
Everyone should keep in mind that there is not a single proof that it can protect you against Covid-19. It’s just a suggestion for the improvement of the immune system.

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