How to Improve Emotional Intelligence? Steps to Take

One of the most required skills for employees is emotional intelligence or EQ. Employees with more EQ perform much better and can increase the productivity of the workplace. Moreover, emotional intelligence plays a vital role in happiness and success in entrepreneurial life.
Many times we come across the people that are good listeners. These people always know what to say and how to perform in difficult situations. Furthermore, they are masters in managing their emotions. 

One can learn these skills with time but first, we should know about emotional intelligence.
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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is referred to as the ability to manage emotions of anger, stress, happiness, etc. The emotionally intelligent people know how to behave in situations of dispute, challenge, and joy. 
The people with high EQ can self manage, have self and social awareness, and can manage the relationship. 
There are various ways to learn EQ which are discussed below:


The people with higher EQ are good observers. They observe various situations happening around them and when they are in such situations they always know how to behave. 
This makes them respond to the situation rather than reacting to it. You cannot make a good decision in an angry mood.


Learning how to communicate while respecting the point of view of others is important. Emotionally intelligent people express their positive and negative feelings and ideas in an open and honest way.
They don’t show aggression rather behave calmly in conflict situations.

Question Yourself:

Emotionally intelligent people have a habit of questioning themselves about their opinions. They judge themselves and their behaviors in various situations to improve their conduct. 
You should make a habit of listening to the other side of the story and then analyze the situation accordingly.
You should also take responsibility for your actions and meanwhile, if you hurt someone’s feelings, feel easy to apologize. 

Stay Motivated:

Motivated behavior can make you positive in life. Motivated people stop worrying about small challenges and put their eye to a set goal. This improves their decision making power and emotional intelligence. 
They learn how to stay motivated during stressful situations.

Positive Attitude:

Emotionally intelligent people always sense the behaviors of the people around them. They also use to stay optimistic in every condition. They use to take critique confidently to improve their positive attitude at work. 
Instead of getting hyper in a critical situation, they stay calm and positive in stressful conditions.

Empathetic Behaviour:

Emotionally intelligent people work on developing empathy skills. Now the question is Why empathy is important? 
We are living with other people from various backgrounds with different opinions. One has to feel other people to have an insight into their behaviors and respond to them accordingly. Moreover, companies do empathy training at their workplace to improve the social environment.

Leadership Skills:

People with better leadership skills use to take initiatives and they lead by example. They are the burden bearers and set high standards for them so that others should follow them. This is why leadership skills are important for emotional intelligence.
Top companies prefer to give leadership training to their employees to enhance their leadership skills and qualities. Hence,  it results in improving the productivity and performance of employees.


People with higher EQ loves to socialize with other people. They are easily approachable to the people around them. 
You can always work on your socialization skills by improving your interpersonal and skills. Another way to improve social skills is to refine your verbal and nonverbal communication.
In the end, it is advised to everyone to work on emotional intelligence skills. This can create a huge impact on success in life and in achieving your set goals.