How to Choose the Right Job? When People are Looking for Even a Job

The job situation in the whole world is bad. Then is it important to look for an answer to how to choose the right job? Yes, it is because your whole career and life depend upon this one decision. Although it looks inadequate when people are even looking for a job.

However, this important question was always there and I think its importance further increased now. The pandemic situation and lockdowns have now created an uncertain situation. Both for business, industry, and even employees the situation is gone bad to worse. 

Current Situation:

Especially after the second wave of coronavirus pandemic, the recovering businesses are again on the verge of shutting down. The employees are in fear of their job surety. The companies once competing with each other are now fighting for their survival. They are also worried about their employees. Recently, Burger King started a campaign in which they ask for help for the food industry. They mention big food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Hardees, etc, and ask people to keep on ordering from anyone. Just showing a good gesture but think that the situation has come this far. 

There is a need for a new skill set to keep on working in the corona and post corona world. Many jobs and skills will now become irrelevant. Choosing them as a job or a career will become fatal for your economic future. 

At the same time room for new skills and careers is also in making. For example, physical stores are now shifting or at least coming to the internet for their digital presence. People started working from home. Companies leave their high rented office spaces and just keep going with employees working from home. In the coming future, people can hire people living hundred of miles away or even across borders. So the competition level becomes too high. 

Moreover, if working from home become a new norm, there is a possibility people spend less. Because they do not have to go anywhere so they prefer living in an easy environment in their homes. They love to have everything in their homes. So delivery services and home services will definitely have more opportunities.

How to Choose the Right Job in this Situation?

As you get aware of the current market situation, now the question is, Should we even think of the right job or just a job? The answers are, this is the most critical situation to look for the right job. Doing the right job that will be in demand in the future will prepare you for the coming days. Moreover, it prepares you for post corona days and gives your resume value. What if you start doing a job that will become irrelevant in a few months or years. You will have to start a new career from scratch with zero experience. 

That’s why it is the most important time to smartly act for choosing the right career. However, if you are in a very bad financial situation then there is no need to keep on searching for the right job. Just do whatever you get.   

In the current pandemic situation and even after that, we should follow these steps to choose the right job:

How to choose the right job
Follow your passion in the job too

Ask Yourself:

The very first step to choose the right job is to ask yourself what you want to do. At the end of the day, you only become successful when you really enjoy what you do. 

People choose a job just to earn money. Sometimes, it is not a negative approach because of their financial and economic situation. But many times they do it without thinking or of societal pressure. I advise not to do this mistake. Must do what you want to, it may take more time and struggle to get things settled, but it will worth the journey. 

So ask yourself and maybe ask people close to you. They can provide good options related to your lifestyle, habits, and likings. 

How to choose the right career
Do what you are good at…

Know Your Worth and Skill Set:

The second thing to do is to know yourself. Check out what are the skills you have and then observe them with the answers you get from the first step. If you have that skills you can save the time of learning but if you don’t there is a little struggle for you. In both cases, there is a path that can take you to success. 

Do a market search, socialize with people in your field, and get their insights about them. In this way, you will know your market worth. Never undersell yourself, neither try to oversell. People want to get employees with a better skill set and less pay demand. Believe in yourself and say no to them. I am of the opinion that you can achieve whatever you want. So wait a little more for your goal. 

Always Think From the Future Perspective:

Another thing to keep in mind while choosing the job is the future. Get answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the future of this job or a career?
  2. Where will I be after 10 years?
  3. Is this job give me financial security in the future?

Etc, etc. Whatever you choose should have a bright future. Especially in a coronavirus pandemic when everything is uncertain, it is important to choose jobs that will be in demand in the coming years. For example automation, coronavirus compliance consultant, etc.

Connect With Your References:

Your connections are the best way, you can find a job. Connect with them, have a discussion with them, and ask them for help in finding the new job. If you don’t have any, it is important to build them via socialization on different networks

Keep On Searching:

The most important thing is not to lose hope. Keep on searching according to your needs, desires, and passion. Follow your passion, it will take you to the heights of success. 

In the end, it is advised not to undersell yourself. It is better to lose an opportunity than to get something that wastes your time and effort. People and society pressurize you but it is your strength to bear the situation and keep moving. At the end of the day, a successful person is one who is living a happy life.