What are the Different Ways to Conserve Water?

Water is one of the necessities provided by nature to human beings. But the water resources are finite and we need to find ways to conserve water. A shortage of water can bring troubles in our life. It is impossible to survive without water. You can go and visit the miseries of people living areas with a very little amount of water. 

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advised not to waste water even if you are sitting next to a water stream. This shows how important is to save water for our future generations. Many organizations are working to spread awareness on how to use water. There are many ongoing campaigns in different countries. Some countries are using rubber balls to reduce the evaporation of water from water reservoirs. In India, they installed solar panels on canals to avoid direct sunlight. We can help the environment by focusing on such little ideas.
We just need to have a check on our daily habits to control water wastage. Many of us misuse and many times use the excess amounts of water daily without realizing its importance. Here are some steps which if we infuse in our everyday life, we can save a large amount of water. 

Check Leakages of Water:

Leakages are the main source of water wastage. A small drop by drop leakage spoils our water preservation goal. So look around you and fix all the leakages. 

Utilize Used Water in Toilet Tanks:

Collect water from basins and sinks in a separate tank and use that water in toilets for flushing. This is the technique used in Japan and now in many countries. There are many new designs of basins and toilets that serve this purpose completely. Try using them.
Also, avoid too much flushing. Try to throw tissue papers in dustbins instead of flushing in toilets. Moreover, the use of dual toilets can also serve the purpose. These toilets have dual tanks both for liquid and solid waste flushing.

Take Showers while Bathing:

Use showers during bathing and try to install mist showers. Such showers save a handsome amount of water. Also, try to take shorter baths. Moreover, close the water tap while applying soap and brushing your teeth and shaving. Use the same mist shower tap for cleaning utensils. Also, try to lower bathing time.

Save Water While Gardening and Farming :

We usually forget to save water while gardening and use pipe for this purpose. The use of a watering can help in saving water. Always try to water during cool parts of the day to avoid rapid evaporation. 
While farming we should use new water-saving techniques to conserve water. Especially for agriculture farming use drip irrigation and modern robotic tools to reduce water usage. One can cover more than four times the same area by using the latest irrigation techniques. 

Stop Wasting Water During CarWash:

Car wash is another activity where we lose a huge amount of water. Firstly we should prefer not to wash at home. But if we have to then it is recommended to use water-saving nozzles and taps. Secondly, we should increase the period of washing our cars and try to clean it with some cloth in between those periods.

Make Reuse of Rain Water:

We should work on new ways to store rainwater and later use it for various purposes. For example in Lahore, Pakistan, as a pilot project, they constructed the underground water reservoir in the area where rainwater gets accumulated on the streets. First, they get rid of excessive rainwater, second, it is stored, and third, it is used for horticulture purposes later. They aim to replicate this project in other areas where there is a problem with excessive rainwater.
Another way to store rainwater is to do water bores and install porous pipes at places where excessive rainwater flows. This will help in the increase in underground water.

Use Instant Water Heaters:

The use of instant water heaters near your kitchen or bath will help you saving water. We usually run water and wait for the hot water to come hence wasting the resource. 

Don’t Play and Waste the Water in Summers:

During summers we love to play water games hence waste a huge amount of water. We should try not to play such games that waste a lot of water.

Spread Awareness in New Generation:

It is observed that we usually follow the ways that are infused in us from a very early age. So try to spread awareness in your children to store, save, and conserve water. Try to tell them how water resources are depleting rapidly as the population increases. The message will stick in their minds and they will follow the instructions throughout their life. 

Avoid Use of Water Coolers:

Water coolers as a fan in summers give relief. On the other hand, it results in wasting a lot of water. According to data, an average water cooler consumes 4 gallons of water daily. Calculate monthly and season wise with the number of coolers. You will get a huge amount. So try to use alternatives to lower room temperature. You can apple cooler paints and other temperature resistant materials available in the market. 

Follow Other Instructions:

Other Instructions include saving water while washing clothes by running washing machines on full capacity. Try to conserve drinking water by using all the water and drinking water from the tap. Do clean patios and garages with brooms and brushes instead of cleaning them with water. Also, try to install sensors and automatic shut off taps. these taps automatically shut down water supply when there is nothing underneath.
Install water meters and put a goal to reduce water consumption every month. Plant the trees having less water requirement and get rid of those that take a large amount of water daily. Also, try to plant in the spring season when there is less water requirement.
Water is the most beautiful gift provided by mother nature to us. It is our responsibility to use it and not waste it. The underground water level is decreasing day by day with the increase in population. We should work on ways to conserve water for our future generations.