A Very Common Drug

Dexamethasone: A Very Common Drug to Reduce Death Chances of Corona Patients

Ever since this coronavirus pandemic starts, the scientists are continuously working on its cure. The scientists can only discover medicines that can shorten the recovery period until now. There are very few chances of survival once the patient goes on a ventilator and oxygen.

Results by Dexamethasone

However, very common drug dexamethasone reduces death chances of patients on ventilators to 28% and on oxygen to 20%. This is in comparison to the death chances without using this drug 40% and 25% respectively. The drug helps the immune system and protects tissues which later cure the patient. It doesn’t work that effectively for patients with mild symptoms.
Scientists are considering this discovery a breakthrough in coronavirus help. It is because coronavirus vaccine is yet to be discovered and it will take time.


This is an old drug previously used as a cure for asthma and other breathing problems. In addition to other positive enhancements, this drug is widely available. It will significantly help the developing and underdeveloped countries in the fight against corona. Doctors said that its treatment continues for 10 days with the drug cost of only five pounds per day. So, the total cost is only 35 pounds for a patient to recover completely. So the benefit is clear.
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Most of the countries around the world especially Europe the first peek of the coronavirus has been gone. This drug will help significantly during the second wave of this pandemic if that will come. The coronavirus live update shows increasing numbers in China and in some other countries which is alarming. This is creating unemployment on a large scale.

Side Effects

Now there are concerns of people about dexamethasone side effects and its dosage. People also want to learn about the effects of dexamethasone with chemotherapy. Here the first thing to remember nobody should use this drug without any consultation with doctors. Chemocare shows that the side effects of dexamethasone are increased appetite, irritability, insomnia, fluid retention, heartburn, muscle weakness, increased blood sugar levels, etc. It’s a steroid drug so the dosage should be taken after consultation with a medical expert.
WHO also welcomes the initial clinical trial results from the UK in its tweet. The results show its life-saving capability for seriously ill patients. Many doctors and researches applaud the discovery. They also appreciate to work on another very common drug to cure coronavirus. There are many other who shows concern about creating a hype about the drug.

We just hope that we can save more lives. Moreover, this discovery will open paths for many other discoveries. This will finally help to discover the vaccine. So that we can normalize the world and its glamour.