Cyber Security: Dealing with Incoming Threats

Cybersecurity is

What is Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity is the method of securing digital systems, computer networks, mobile devices, data, and information. It defends them from attack, damage, hacking, and the unauthorized approach. In the broader term, it is the security of IT.

Why Cybersecurity is important?

In developed countries, governments, businesses, and people use digital ways to deal with routine matters. Whereas, in the developing world, this change is going to happen in the coming years. Especially in the post coronavirus world, humans prefer to interact online. Furthermore, the businesses are getting online using digital payment methods. Moreover, the administrations are working hard to go paperless. Additionally, the critical infrastructure and security systems of the countries are all controlled digitally. 
That’s why it is important to discuss cybersecurity to develop awareness in this regard. Countries will fight cyberwars in the future. Cybercriminals will attack individuals to rob money and to get personal data. 
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The Worst that can Happen:

The countries targeting the critical infrastructure of each other is the worst thing that can happen in cyberwar. Infrastructure includes nuclear power plants, power grids, water supplies, gas supplies, and other utilities.
This can affect the mass population of the country. Ultimately lead to the crippling of critical infrastructure. It will result in chaos and anarchy throughout the country on war.
The security systems that can be affected by cyberattacks are nuclear weapons, missile systems, water dams, etc. 
Cyberterrorism is another upcoming threat in this regard. In which, the terrorists attack the critical systems of the countries to acquire their objectives. They compel governments and agencies to acquire sensitive information.
In short, the cyberwar can do more damage to the country than conventional war ways. It also affects individuals in a very lethal way. 

How to Secure?

It is very important to secure systems by appointing cybersecurity analysts. There many cybersecurity firms that are providing cybersecurity services to their clients.
For cyberattacks and cyberterrorism, countries have to develop a skillful cyber army. 

Scope of cybersecurity:

Countries are developing centers for excellence in cybersecurity. This is to equip their youth with a cybersecurity degree in this field. moreover, some countries are inducting cyber cadets at a very young age. This will help in making the cybersecurity masters. 
Some firms are providing cybersecurity certifications to improve the skills of cybersecurity engineers. 
In the future, the world is going in the direction of the cyber era. Top cybersecurity companies are already hiring cybersecurity specialists. There will be many cybersecurity jobs in the coming years. 

How to Develop Cybersecurity Infrastructure:

Foreign companies that are interested in doing investment and business now also check the cybersecurity situation of the country. So developing a cybersecurity infrastructure will secure the future of the country. Some steps to follow by countries in this regard are:


  • Offer certifications at reasonable costs to the professionals
  • Align certifications with globally recognized centers to improve standards
  • Developing centers in each university, so they can do more research

Customized Training:

We have to train every section of society to deal with cybercrimes. It is a saying that “ Humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity”. Many times cybercriminals do not target countries. Moreover, they attack individuals by hacking into their accounts and getting personal data and information. That’s why we have to train end-users in order to protect them by these crimes.

Supporting Startups:

Any startup or a company coming up with unique cyber solutions should be incubated. In the developed world, the giants always facilitate these types of startups and ideas.

Applied Research:

We have to focus on converting the researches and white papers into products and services.

Types of Cyber Threats:


In this type of threat, the criminal sends fake emails to get information about bank accounts, login passwords, etc.


These are Softwares that restrict access to files and computer systems until the ransom money is paid. It is just like getting real-life ransom money


The purpose of these Softwares is to get unauthorized access or to damage systems. 

Social Engineering:

It is a process that compels you to click on a link, download software, or reply to an email. Meanwhile, the criminal reveals sensitive user information.
In the end, we should prepare ourselves for upcoming cyber threats and secure data/sensitive information from cybercriminals.

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